Saturday, 10 May 2014

Challenge Accepted - 12 Word Drama

The Sketchbook Project's latest free
'Challenge Accepted' Project
12 Word Drama.

I used 'found words' from an old Biggles book
and enjoyed making several mini dramas,
before finally settling on this.


The next 'Challenge Accepted' Project
is to create a collage in just 5 minutes,
using only found materials.
To be completed, photographed and
uploaded to Twitter, Facebook etc 
by 16th May.

Want to join in?
Click HERE to sign up.

It's just for fun :)



Virginia said...

Love the word drama Jo - these are fabulous!

BadPenny said...

Blimey a collage in five minutes ? Can't wait to see what you do !

Jewels said...

Love this - and love your new banner - that is one sweet paint set Jo!

Eileen said...

Love this! I join in something similar on a forum with a four word story, gets ridiculous at times but fun :-)

Carmen said...

This does make me smile! Makes me think of a werewolf story... or mebbe a homage to Twilight?