Friday, 2 May 2014

Challenge Accepted - Along the Way

The Sketchbook Project folks
are continuing with their free mini projects
and I signed up for the latest one;
'Along the Way'.

The brief was to take a photograph, 
literally of something I saw 'along the way',
and share it on Twitter, Facebook etc

Today was the last day for uploading
and I left it to the last minute, of course.

I walked into the village and I took a few
photographs of things that I noticed.

Photo 1 - REJECTED.

Pretty view but not 'saying' much.


Photo 2 - REJECTED.

Again, attractive architecture but so what?

Photo 3 - REJECTED.

Bit too much 'in-yer-face BRITISH'
 with the iconic phone box
(which strangely I had never noticed before - 
amazing what you see when you're looking!).

Photo 4 - REJECTED.

This came a very close 2nd place 
to the one I chose.
I loved the colourful little tableau 
arranged in the chemist window.

Photo 5 - SELECTED.

I found this worm on a concrete area, 
a long way from any greenery.
How had it got there?
Had a bird dropped it or a child?
Anyway, it was looking rather sorry for
itself and I placed it in a planter after I had
taken its photo.
Why did I choose this photo?
The worm  looked so out of place on the 
concrete and, in my opinion, begs the 
viewer to ask it why it was there.

I hope it recovered.

The next free project is now up -
'Write a drama in 12 words'.
I've signed up and have a week to
write a 12 word drama, photograph the
words and upload them.

If you fancy joining in 
click HERE as soon as possible
(places go quickly).



Virginia said...

OH I'm nosy with the rejected photos what a gorgeous place to live Jo!

Monica said...

good luck. Experiencing deja vue as you published this on FB!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Great photos. I do wonder if the worm had been hours getting from the planter to the concrete, only for you to take it back, lol ;)

missy k said...

Interesting project....

Is it just me? - but the doll seems a little spooky?

Happy Bank Holiday weekend :)

Karen x

Linda said...

great shots- I do love the first one and I can see why you chose the worm one -interesting!

Carmen said...

Oh it's so lovely where you are! Our town is betting shops and cafe's. Not in pretty buildings either. I'm so happy you rescued Mr Worm :-)

Karen Isaacson said...

I like your choice of photo. We had a terrible and strange worm incident at work last month. On one of the first warm wet days of spring the worms came out by the dozens, lining the sidewalks around the building. by late afternoon the temperature plummeted, it began to snow, and all the little worms ended up freezing to death on the side walk. It was morbidly fascinating to me to see them all frozen there the next morning.