Sunday, 11 May 2014

Challenge Accepted - Found Collage

The Sketchbook Project's latest free 
'Challenge Accepted' prompt
is Found Collage.
The brief is to create a collage in just 5 minutes
using only found materials.

Challenge Accepted!

Materials used;
Base - M&S birthday candle wrapper.
Black wavy card - Waitrose pain au raisin wrapper.
Label and button from Luke's rubbish bin.
Words snipped from discarded newspaper.
Scrap of sewing pattern.
Used postage stamp.
String from shed floor.

5 minutes was a challenge 
but I just scraped in!

This was fun and quick to do!

You can still take part in this,
it's just for fun.
Click HERE to sign up
and get more information
(Photo of collage to be uploaded
to twitter/facebook etc by May 16th).

Thanks for looking!



Jewels said...

As always you are a clever girl Jo! I'd be stuck just collecting everything LOL (your son has interesting trash though :) )

Virginia said...

Oh that's fab Jo!

BadPenny said...

Just might give it a go ! great fun x

missy k said...

Fun project Jo!


Carmen said...

5 minutes? Mine would be a banana skin taped to a muller yogurt pot with an empty paracetamol blister wedged in at a jaunty angle. Would that still count as a collage or a mini assemblage :P

Yours, as always, is marvellous!

Monica said...

fun project. you did well.