Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Challenge Accepted - Mayoral Portrait

The latest Challenge Accepted project
being run by the Sketchbook Project people
is 'Mayoral Portrait'.

I didn't even know that if we had a mayor
and the only one I could find kinda local is
Mrs Sasha Luck,
who is the Mayor of Tonbridge and Malling.

(Out of simple curiosity, what do you do here?)
Does anyone know what a 
Mayor in the UK does, apart from smile a lot?
Is there a place for them in modern society?
Is this a bit of pomp and ceremony that is
outdated and failing to serve a purpose?

I gave Mrs Luck a permanent smile,
stuck on from a magazine.
I didn't even bother with her nose,
it was making me cross.
If I was Mayor I'd ban noses.

By the way,  this is the photo 
I was working from....


Thanks for looking!



BadPenny said...

Mayors do a lot of Charitable works I think... great colour scheme and smile !

Virginia said...

I have no idea what a mayor does other than appear as a mascot for photos in local newspapers!

Eileen said...

I follow the blog of one of our town Councillors and funnily enough she was made mayor only last week. I like to know what's going on in our area! I think mayors open things and such :-)

Maggi said...

Great interpretation! A permanent smile makes the most sense to me. lol

Tan Kingston said...

What a fantastic likeness! You've nailed that one good and proper! Love too the banner of old paints! X

Linda said...

you did a fantastic job with your portrait Joanna!