Friday, 30 May 2014

Free Art Friday Swindon

One of my cool art friends,
has set up
and it's first ever Free Art drop
is going to be on July 12th 2014.
She put out a call for some art to
be placed in and around Swindon, 
to be found by those searching for it 
and also unsuspecting members 
of the public.

I couldn't resist!

(Selfie night)
I had great fun with a pile
of old National Geographic Magazines....

(I've always wanted to fly)
words and phrases....

(Who gave you the egg)

(Cannonball Lops off a Head)

(Carefree Travel!)
and a load of my
 piled-up-waiting-to-be-used-Gelli prints;

(Argon Dating)
  and I made some postcards.

(What you see as you zoom)

(Sure, this picture was posed)

(My lucky day)
(Let Yourself Go!)

(Is this what you're looking for?)
I'll pop this 5 minute collage into the
box for Sarah too.

(We Just Look)
I made some stickers to go on 
the back of the protective bag
of each of the postcards, 
hand carving the
'Free Art
take me home'

and I'll put my blog details
on the back of the postcards.

I hope I hear from some of the people
that pick up my postcards;
it would be lovely to know where they end up
(hopefully not in the bin!).

Thanks for looking!



Used-to-Bees said...

I love this idea and I love all your works of art! I've been having fun trawling through some old books for great snippets - can't remember any now, but the books from the 30s and 40s have some that nearly reduced me to tears!

Gill said...

What fun!
Great cards - I look forward to hearing if any are found!!

Jewels said...

Did anyone ever "claim" the last one you left? So wish I was there - I would be on the look out for these babies LOL

Jane Housham said...

I think anyone who finds one of these will be thrilled. I hope they let you know.

Sarah said...

Jo these really are amazing, Free Art Friday Swindon thanks and salutes you! Every piece that we drop will also have a big FAF tag on it drawing attention to the fact it is free for the taking and with our own contact details. If we get any 'claims' for any of your donations through that channel I will let you know!

cjsrq said...

You have a fantastic sense of humor. Those cards are wonderful. Whoever finds them will be fortunate indeed.

Virginia said...

Oh they are all utterly fabulous Jo!

Eileen said...

What a great idea!
I do hope you get some feedback.

Eileen said...
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BadPenny said...

What a fab idea & your collection will be most admired when found. I used to do this with books... leave them in public places from The Book Fairy !

One of these days I'll join back in a make...

Kristin said...

Okay, I would totally want to do this too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your fun cards and I agree, I hope that you do hear from someone. BTW, I adore "selfie night" (so clever ;) and that 5 minute collage with the bee! LOVE! But I say that a lot here . . .
See you tomorrow! xoxo

Linda said...

Oh what FUN cards Jo- and a great idea to brighten someone's day! I sure hope you do hear from at least some of the recipients and that you'll let us know.

Karen Isaacson said...

those are so fantastic, Jo. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I keep coming back to selfie night.
lucky people who find them!

Carmen said...

Yep. CRAZY talented!

I love how you pair your snippets with your images - they make me larf so they do!