Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I battled with her nose.

It was my friend's birthday recently.
Sarah is in the FB:WW group,
goes on supercool art crawls
and does geo-caching.
She also runs
arranging a series of collaborative
art projects (new members welcome).

This is her (before getting very red hair).

I made her a card.
It is postcard sized.
It is supposed to be her as a 
Birthday Princess.
I battled with her nose.

Thanks for looking!



Sarah said...

It's meeee :) and I think I potentially prefer your version of my nose to the real one :D

Monica said...

Cheaper than plastic surgery

Virginia said...

Loving what you did Jo - fabulous stuff!

Eileen said...

It's very a good likeness, it's excellent. It must be lovely to receive such a nice personalised birthday card.

BadPenny said...

aww that's lovely x

SusieJ said...

I love it Jo!!
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

Monica beat me to it :D I love your cards Jo - mine from last year is STILL on display on my bookshelf... actually my one from this year - the paintbrushes is too. But I love my gelli time one ;) I'm loving your skin tones at the moment. Well - your painted ones. I'm sure yours is lovely too :P

missy k said...

What a special thing to do.... I bet she's going to treasure it :)

Karen x

missy k said...

ps love the new header!

K x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

You did wonderful, Jo! What a lovely heart felt celebratory card ❤

Kristin said...

Noses are SO not easy! You did a great job - and I bet it will be much loved! xoxo