Monday, 19 May 2014

Welcome to my World!

Last week my lovely friend 
Carmen from Whoopidooings
invited me to take part in an ongoing
virtual blog tour, designed to help artists meet
and connect with other artists.
She buttered me up with all sorts of flannel
and, because I'm easily flattered,
 of course I said yes!

If you're a regular reader
- thank you and hello! -
there won't be many surprises but you 
never know, I might just let the 
'I'm in control' mask slip and reveal a little 
bit about me that you didn't previously know.

I have 4 questions to answer:

What am I working on?
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Why do I write/create what I do?
How does your writing/creating process work?

Here we go.....

What am I working on?

I usually have quite a few projects on the go 
at any one time.
I am the girl who cannot say "NO"! which 
means I take on far too many commitments, 
but I just can't bear to miss out on any fun.

At the moment I am finishing off a
Postcard/Mail Art swap with Lenna and Jewels
(the We {heart} Mail Art girls),
with the theme of 'Tickled Pink.'
**Lenna and Jewels: SPOILER ALERT!**

(Tickled Pink in progress)
I get easily distracted, so while I was working on these
I took part in a couple of free projects run by
The Sketchbook Project people, one of which was
12 Word Drama - for which I cut out words from
an old Biggles book I had knocking around.

This led to an obsession with cutting out words 
and phrases (you can see some of them on my work
table) - see what I mean about being easily distracted?!
I can highly recommend joining in with these free
challenges, which are just for fun.  
They inspire me to do things I wouldn't think about doing.
The next one, for example, 
is to do a portrait of the town mayor. 

I'm doing two online art classes;

(Under the Sea, paper weaving lesson with Jeanette House)

Soul Food......
(My Positive Qualities, ink spray/stencil lesson with Tam)

and Life Book 2014.
They are both great fun and have introduced me to
different styles and techniques.  I am running way 
behind but that's ok, I'll download the lessons in due
course and take my time over them.

I love love love my Gelli plate too!
Given half a chance I can spend 
(far too) many hours producing prints.....

(Gelli print fun)

I am also gearing myself up for the annual
 Summer of Color event.  
Six weeks of free arty inspiration **bliss**.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don't know why there is a strange line here but I can't get rid of it :(
I don't think I've got a genre really
and I don't think I have a particular style (yet).
I picture myself as a bumble bee,
flitting from flower to flower,
enjoying each bloom before moving on
to try out another.
Painting, art journaling, collage, mixed media,
etc etc etc, I love them all!

Although I have been arting for a few years
I know I'm at the very beginning of my
creative journey, which is really exciting.

I always try to bring 'myself' to my artwork
rather than copying the style and sentiments
of another artist
(however much I may admire them).


Why do I write/create what I do?

Quite simply because I have to.
I need that time to myself when I can clear my mind
of other things, and just 'do art'.
I get terribly frustrated sitting in front of rubbish
on the tv; it just doesn't feed my soul.
There is always so much to learn and I
am an enthusiastic student.

(My conservatory studio)
My conservatory studio is my sanctuary
and, as I tell my long suffering husband Grant,  
paints are cheaper than therapy.


How does your writing/creating process work?

I really work best with a deadline,
otherwise I can procrastinate terribly!
I quite often over run on deadlines but projects 
usually get done near enough to the planned date.
I love having themes to think about,
and in fact the thinking time throughout the day,
while doing household chores etc, is a
part of the process I really enjoy.
I don't plan things in detail in advance
but have a general idea of how I want to
start and then take it from there.  I tend
to use whatever is within arms reach, mainly
because I'm lazy, lol!  


Ok, that's my world, I hope you enjoyed the read.
It's now my task to nominate 3 artists who inspire me
(just 3, which is tricky).  They will invite you into
their creative life next Monday, the 26th May.

So in no particular order;

Lenna.  I met Lenna online through Mary Green's
(now sadly discontinued) 
Vintage Gluebook and Collage Coterie classes.  
Lenna lives in sunny Florida and has a wonderfully 
joyful outlook on life which is evidenced in her artwork.
She also enjoys and is trained in Nia, 
a sensory based dance/movement practice.
She has 2 adorable rescue dogs, Asia and Chloe.
Visit her HERE.

Jewels.  I met Jewels online through the same
Mary Green classes.  She is a Canadian lady who lives
in the USA.  She is a skilled quilter as well as 
paper/collage artist and has a brilliant eye for 
colour and image placement.  
She has a great sense of humour too.
She has a gorgeous rescue dog, 
Mr Darcy (aka Mr D).
Visit her HERE.

Karen.  Now this gal just cracks me up!
She lives in the USA and is so creatively
productive she makes me feel positively
sedentary.  She is a prolific printer,
painter and all-round art do-er.
She also runs the
Mail Me Some Art swap site,
which is hugely inspiring.
Most of all she makes me laugh
with both her artwork and her blog posts.
She finds the best phrases and puts them
with wonderful images and backgrounds.
I don't know if she has any dogs.  If
she does it will be bonkers crazy.
Visit her HERE.

Now I can't stress enough that 
you really should visit these 3
(do you like the subliminal message?!).

Thank you so much for visiting me today,
I hope you will enjoy visiting the others
taking part in this blog hop.



Lenna Young Andrews said...

awesome, Jo!! I already have a sense of what you create and who you are and what makes you tick through our exchanges and correspondence, but through this I delightfully learned more about you! You have a wonderful writing style. I LOVE your art as well and now I am drooling after seeing your ticked pink sneak peek! Next monday, I'm up to answer these 4 questions!! xoxo

Virginia said...

Ah that's a fab post Jo - love it - I will be visiting those on your list!

Karen Isaacson said...

great answers, Jo. I love the image of yourself as bumble bee, enjoying each bloom. (and nope, no dogs in my house. just one ridiculous cat.)

Eileen said...

Lovely interesting post. Have to agree about the dross on TV, life's too short!

JansArtyJunk said...

What an interesting insight Jo... Love visiting your blog ...seeing what you are up too... your art is always amazing...and your posts entertaining... Jan x

Maggi said...

Ah, I just love these posts. I love reading artistic "behind the scenes" sort of stuff. :D

Marie/Mison said...

So many beautiful and interesting projects! Nice to find you as a inspiration source!