Saturday, 7 June 2014

100 Happy Days Quietly Continues....

I'm still joining in with
and since my last blog post about it
I have a further 25 photos to share
(I've been sharing them daily on
Facebook and Flickr).
But wait! Before your heart plummets to 
the centre of the Earth, fear not; I realise that
being bombarded with 25 photos would 
give you Crazy Eye Scroll Fever, so
here are just the next 10 daysworth.......

Day 69 - creating a 5 minute collage
using only found materials.

Day 70 - Capturing this pic of the Blue Tits
that have made a nest within the wall cavity.

Day 71 - 'Elevensies' in the sunshine with a 
new (new to me, anyway) book.

Day 72 - Meeting up with my friend Tan 
(from Booksyand her friend Wendy.  
What a giggle!

Day 73 - Grant and I enjoyed going to 
Marc and Gemma's wedding reception.

Day 74 - It was Sunday, Grant was at home, 
and the sun was out - time for a BBQ!

Day 75 - It had been a long day.
This glass of cold white wine in
the early evening sunshine was well deserved
and very much enjoyed.

Day 76 - Taking part in 
'Challenge Accepted - Mayoral Portrait'.
I was so pleased that mine was 
subsequently featured on their blog.

Day 77 - Finding a couple of books I wanted
in a charity shop.

Day 78 - Voting for the European Member of Parliament.
My preferred party(Green Party) didn't win but they 
did better than they have done before :)


I'll give you a couple of days to recover
and then I'll be back with the next 10.

The end is in sight!



Carmen said...

You are a better person than I Jo. The post I am compiling has about a gazillion pictures. You WILL scroll through them all dammit!

I still love your little insect collage - you are so crazy talented at these things!

Love seeing your happy days :)

BadPenny said...

Wonderful to be out in the garden to eat & chill x

Eileen said...

I just love your photos and this challenge. I wouldn't get Crazy Eye Scroll Fever looking at them :-)

Well done on having your mayoral portrait featured. I voted Green too, shame more people don"t!

Virginia said...

Oh I love seeing these jo - fantastic stuff!

Caz said...

Ah I loved looking at your photos! All lovely 100 Happy day photos :-)