Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Last night Family Urbani took advantage
of free preview tickets from
and went to the cinema to see

What a delightful film.
The story was quirkily good,
the music wonderful and the food,
oh my goodness, the food!

I have seen this film described as food porn,
and I'd have to agree :)
If you are planning to watch it,
You'll thank me for that advice.
You'll probably still salivate a bit
but not as much as someone
 with an empty stomach.

This is a great 'feel-good' movie
and if you want a fun evening
with music, food and a 
good storyline then go and see it.

It gets the 'thumbs up'
 from all at Family Urbani!


Thank you to everyone for your kind 
comments about our sweet 
I am missing her more than words
can say, but that's as it should be
for a girl plucked from 'Death Row'
in a dog pound in Wales 
all those years ago.

She was here.
She loved and was so very loved.
She had a wonderful life and 
made ours even better.

What more could anyone ask for?



Tan Kingston said...

I've not heard of that film Jo but I'm now salivating at the very thought of it! ...So pleased you all had a lovely night out. Have been thinking a lot about how you all are coping without Rosie Mae. What a fab capture of her in the lush green grass! She had a fabulous life Jo and couldn't have been loved any more :) Extremely Happy Memories. Much love, Tx

Eileen said...

Rosie Mae will have a special place in your heart forever.

I didn't know she was a poundie, bless you for giving her a wonderful life.

She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, I hope she finds my Amber so they can run free together. She was a poundie from Cardiff, they'd love each other.


Virginia said...

Ah Jo a fitting statement for an amazing part of your family, thinking of you all!

Thanks for the write up on the film as well I know for a fact hubby wants to see it, glad it was a good watch!"

BadPenny said...

Lovely Rosie Mae xx

missy k said...

Yes lovely Rosie Mae .... love what your wrote - hope you have been ok this week :)

Not heard of the film - sounds good... probably tastes good too!

See you soon - three weeks to our holiday! Yay!

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about Rosie Mae, I hadn't seen the prior post so this was a shock. I know how you much you loved her.

I also thought Chef was just an absolute pure pleasure all around - in spite of the fact that I made the mistake of not eating before seeing it!

Linda K said...

I know I'd love that movie so I must go see it. First though, hubby wants to go see "Jersey Boys"

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Rosie Mae ❤
what you wrote under her photo was eloquently expressed and so true.
Sending love xo