Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Just When You Thought It Was Safe.....

Just when you thought it was safe,
you get presented with another batch
of my 100 Happy Days photos!

Day 79 - These pigeons refused to leave 
their dinner even when I drove right up to
 the bird table
(in my front garden).

Day 80 - Thank you Music Magpie!
They sent me a cheque in exchange for loads 
of our old cds and dvds.  
They even collected them from my front door.

Day 81 - Watching this butterfly feeding,
it posed prettily for ages.

Day 82 - Enjoying a Vintage Car Rally, 
which passed the end of our road.  
The driver of the vintage whizzy car 
in this photo is John Surtees.

Day 83 - Watching a nestful of baby 
Blue Tits learning where and how
to feed themselves.

Day 84 - Guinea Pig selfie.
Poppet and Pimple smile for the camera :)

Day 85 - Enjoying finishing off some postcards for

Day 86 - Hope and I loved an evening at
the local am dram theatre,
watching a young up and coming theatre
company's production.
The smoke machine set off the fire alarm
and two fire engines full of firemen arrived.
What a bonus!

Day 87 - I'd tried to protect a hedgehog 
under a shrub from a cat, using a discarded
 guinea pig playroom.  
He clearly appreciated the
gesture and moved it in place
to form an entrance to his home.

Day 88 - Watching our sweet elderly 
foster kitty, Small Cat,
choosing to spend some time in the garden -
something she rarely does.

Thanks again for looking!



Virginia said...

Oh I love these round up posts you do Jo - so many happies!

Eileen said...

All your photos are so interesting, love them all.
I eBayed a lot of DVDs, very time consuming. Your way, much better!
Would have loved to see the vintage car rally. I follow F1, John Surtees is now 80 years old!
Love all your animal photos of course.
Your humour... all those firemen :-)

missy k said...

Lovely photos Jo....

Small Cat does look sweet - but not at all elderly!

Karen x

Sabrina said...

Lovely! Makes me want to run out to your corner of the world. Are pertains to the vintage car race, are those zig zaggy lines always there? Is that your special style of driving?

Caz said...

I particularly like the photo of the kitty :-)

Caz said...

I particularly like the photo of the kitty :-)

Caz said...

I particularly like the photo of the kitty :-)

Joanna said...

Hey Sabrina, I have visions of us having to drive in a zig-zag fashion, hehe! The zig zag lines are there as a warning that your vehicle is approaching/leaving a pedestrian crossing (in this case a zebra crossing, do you have them?). You are not allowed to park on these lines, or overtake another vehicle on them. x

BadPenny said...

I love how you helped the hedgehog. I have baby starlings ... lots & lots of them !

Terri Corona said...

So happy I was able to find a little time to hop on and see your happy pictures - they always make me smile!