Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer of Color - Week 3

This week's colour prompts
set by Kristin for
and a
'Smudge Splash or Pop'
of Plum.

I found this colour combo very calming,
and I took inspiration from some
fragrant French Lavender growing in
the garden 
(Lavender induces relaxation) and the 
oh-so-true quote by Donna Karan.
These double page spread pages 
are in my SOC Moleskine :)

Thank you for looking!

ps I'm trying out this new blog layout and I'd 
appreciate any feedback!  How does it look 
for you on your device? 
Does it take too long to load?
 Is it 'jerky' as you scroll down?


BadPenny said...

oooh so soothing & calming. Delightful x

sue :) said...

Hi, I do like your take on the French lavender in your page, the colours work well with the subject.

joy said...

A soft and beautiful spread, Jo!

Linda K said...

yes- a perfect quote for these subdued colors-wonderful spread!

Carmen said...

I'm sat here wondering if I dare type what these colours induced in me? Boobies and... no I'm not that rude. I like to think :P Chuckling like a school boy though ;)

Yours, as always is classy and beautiful and you really should do a series of prints or a book of illustrated quotes or a set of postcards Jo.

Tracy said...

Definitely a calming page :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Gorgeous Jo! I love Lavender nd the French Lavender is fabulous with it's frilly skirt :D

Cindy McMath said...

This is another beautiful piece1 I love how you are finding your inspiration for the SOC pages in flowers!

Virginia said...

Jo that's utterly gorgeous, not struggling with your blog layout at all but on main pc at the moment, will feed back if I notice anything different on my tablet.

missy k said...

Beautiful page (and photo) Jo.

Love that quote .... another one to remind myself of!

The French Lavender always reminds me of rabbits ears.

Your blog header was jerky on my laptop... and took a few seconds to load but I love how big your photos are - something I've been trying to do for ages! Grrr!

I like it!

Karen x

Sharon Fritchman said...

Gorgeous photo! You created a beautiful work of art using it as your inspiration! I really love the sentiment, too! Thanks for sharing with all of us at SOC!

brenda lee said...

What a beautiful page! Very soothing. I love the background. It really adds to the overall layout.

gma said...

Great words and art!

Monica said...

Today on Bloglovin I have had problems leaving posts think it is Wordpress and those other blog sites. I like the new design for the page it is easy to read and f---l---o--w--s

sheila 77 said...

What a beautiful painting you've made from the lavender, it is so peaceful. I very much like your lettering, it's superb.
Your blog looks excellent to me, no problems here.

Kristin said...


Caz said...

This is lovely and the quote is beautiful (and true).

JansArtyJunk said...

LOVE your French lavender Jo...Beautiful pages ...and your blog loaded fine with me, looks great...lovely and clear :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love this blog layout. It loads great and the wider width of it makes for larger photos & easier to read. Plus, the spread is superb. You have great style, Jo!