Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gelli before lunch

I had a lovely day today
when my friend Mandy came to me
for an art date :)

She brought her new Gelli plate and brayer
so what's a girl supposed to do but get
Gelli printing!

These are my favourites from the many
I did....

While we printed we talked.....

and talked....

and talked.....

and talked!

More than once or twice I caught her making
that "oooooooh" sound when she pulled an
exciting print, lol.

Mandy gave me these beautiful sunflowers
and box of choccies (she knows me so well),

this fab handmade postcard....

AND a new brayer.
I can now brayer with both hands at the same time,
there's no stopping me now!

Over lunch in the garden 
we talked and talked and talked some more.

She's wonderful, easy company and I'm
looking forward to our next get together.



BadPenny said...

Brilliant fun Jo, what a lovely day xxx

Monica said...

A great addiction

Jewels said...

Love, love, love your prints - what a wonderful way to spend time with a friend :)

mandy w said...

Was a lovely day! and the tomato-less lunch was great - thanks for making me so welcome you are a star!

Virginia said...

Looks like a fab day - loving the tonal gelli prints!

Virginia said...

Looks like a fab day - loving the tonal gelli prints!

missy k said...

Love seeing what you get up to with your gelli plate!

Sounds like a great day :)

Karen xxx

Caz said...

It sounds like a beautiful day :-)

Carmen said...

I am imagining you with holsters for those brayers! :-D Sounds like an amazing day, the sunflowers are gorgeous as are the prints!