Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It weren't half hot, Mum!

It was really rather hot and sticky yesterday
 when Hope and I spent the day in London.

First of all we went to the
Summer Exhibition
at the Royal Academy.

(I now notice the sculpture on the plinth behind me
 is of a poor creature being disemboweled!)
 I had read some not so complimentary 
reviews of this year's exhibition,
saying that there was too much to see
 and it was a bit of a marathon.

I beg to differ.

Can there EVER be too much to see?!

In previous years we have gone to this annual event 
earlier in its showing, but this year we left it more to the
end of its run (it closes on August 17th), and as a result it
was lovely and quiet.  We had super views of all the art.
My favourite room, as always,
was the Small Weston Room which is 
stuffed full with small artworks.

After viewing the exhibition and lunch
we wandered through the back streets 
which was a bit disappointing.
I went a couple of years ago and it was far more
exciting visually with lots of quirky displays. 
Tut tut, they seem to be focussing on selling their 
goods rather than pleasing the likes of me who 
wanders in for inspiration but with no intention 
of buying their lovely (but v expensive) 
clothes and homeware...
**sad face**

We walked through Leicester Square and popped into
so Hope could stock up on UHU glue 
(how much UHU can one girl get through??!!) 
and fineliners.  
I may or may not have put a couple
of paint pens into the basket ;)

After that we went to the
BP Portrait Award 2014 Exhibition,
being held at the National Portrait Gallery,
which is free and well worth a visit.

As someone who struggles with faces I am totally
in awe of artists who can paint portraits - and, boy,
could these artists paint portraits!!

By now my feet were SO HOT and
screaming at me to go home.
So after a lovely ice cold fruit cooler,
we did.

Such a lovely day.

Thanks for reading!

ps RIP Clifford our rabbit,
who sadly passed away this morning,
aged 9 and a half.

We'll miss you, cheeky-chops :'(



Virginia said...

Oh Jo so sorry about Clifford. The day trip out looks fab but I know what you mean about screaming feet I've had them all week!

missy k said...

Sad to hear about Clifford. What a happy life you gave him from where he had been though :) He probably already thought he was in rabbit heaven!

Sounds like a lovely day out.... even if it was just a bit hot...

Karen xxx

missy k said...

ps love your blog background... you are doubly clever ;) xxx

BadPenny said...

Dear old Clifford. I love your Blog background too.
What a fab day - I'd have trailed my fan around with me & find a powerpoint at every opportunity !

Terri Corona said...

Tired feet are so inconvenient aren't they? Sounds like a lovely day, as all your London excursions do to me. So sorry about Clifford, what a cutey he was.