Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer of Color - Week 5

The colors chosen by 
Royal Blue
and a
Smudge, Splash or Pop of
Light Blue.

No flowers from me this week!

This double page spread is in my
little Moleskine.
The background is a Gelli print
and I drew my sad girl on top.
Her eyes are the light blue element
of the colour combo, and she is drawn
with blue Inktense pencil.

The quote is by 
Queen Elizabeth II.

I won't be around for a week or so,
I'm off for a lovely family holiday
on a Greek Island, Zante.



Paper rainbow said...

Oh very jealous. Love the Greek islands never been to. Zante though. Your pages are great and what a wistful expression.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Your page is wonderful Jo :D
Enjoy your holibobs :D

GlorV1 said...

Love your page. Stunning girl. Enjoy your vacation, looks wonderful.

Jewels said...

Have a wonderful vacation Jo - as always wish I could fit in your suitcase :)...

Laila said...

Love your sad girl, and the quote. Enjoy your days in a Greek island, I'm sure it'll be lovely.

Carmen said...

Beautiful, goosebumpy quote Jo. Love your sad lady.

missy k said...

Ahh you broke away from botanicals :(

but I do love this piece.... not a quote I would have associated with our Queen.... great face!

Karen x

ps what a coincidence we are going to a Greek Island tomorrow ;) See you at the airport :)

Karen x

missy k said...

ps love the drippy tears.... x

BadPenny said...

beautiful eyes. have a wonderful time away xxxx

Kristin said...

Have a great trip!!! xoxo

massofhair said...

Have a wonderful trip!

A Beautiful page, a sad quote:-) x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was surprised the Queen said that. I wonder if it was during the war years. Lovely art and quote, though. Your sad lady got the point across.

BTW, I am so envious of your trip. I've never been anywhere out of North America, so that sounds (and looks) like an ideal vacation.

Cindy McMath said...

Your spread is wonderful. What a great quote from the Queen - I shall look it up to findout the context. Great use of this week's colours. And ENJOY your trip!

sheila 77 said...

Poor sad girl and sad quote, but great picture and wonderful artwork.

Sharon Fritchman said...

Absolutely stunning and emotional way to used this week's SOC colors! I love it! Have a wonderful time on your vacation and enjoy Zante!!!!

itsamistry said...

She's lovely and the quote seems to fit well with her. Have a fabulous holiday.

Caz said...

This is lovely, the quote is very true too! Lovely page :-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Jo, this is a beautiful spread in your moleskin with a very apt quote. I hope you are faring okay . . . I am sure a stay on a Greek island with your family will do you much good. xoxo

Tan Kingston said...

Hope you are all having a fantastic holiday, chick; lots of sun, sea, chilling and enjoying your beautiful Greek island. Will confess to missing you loads though! Txx