Friday, 8 August 2014

Driving, Miss Marple

It's been one helluva week,
but in a good way :)

On Tuesday, Hope passed her
driving test.

(She is wearing her 'lucky' Superman t-shirt - it worked!)
She started having driving lessons
on her 17th birthday in November.

On Wednesday, Hope started a new 
part time job, which will fit in around her college
days when she returns to college in September.
Her job is working at the local
kennels and cattery.
There's a LOT of poo,
but she's used to that at home
(from our pets, of course!), and she
enjoyed working with the animals and the
people were nice too.

Then yesterday, Hope and I popped down to
our local rescue centre,
and found our new Fur-Ever Friend!

24 hours, a completed home check 
and a trolley dash round our pet shop later,
we brought home
.........**drum roll**........

Miss Marple!

We named her after the Agatha Christie sleuth
because she is very inquisitive and into everything :)

Miss Marple (Missy for short) was plucked
by Last Chance from Death Row in a Welsh dog pound.
She is about 2 years old and, quite simply,

We are all in love with her.

She has yet to meet Small Cat..... :/

Wishing you all a super weekend!



BadPenny said...

Congratulations to Hope & welcome to the Urbani home Missy who looks gorgeous x

Virginia said...

Oh Jo a fab end to the week! And what a week too!

Gina said...

Well done Hope! Miss Marple looks lovely.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Congratulations to Hope on passing her Driving Test. Wow! what a week...and what a gorgeous new family loveable you have there. Sooo cute.

missy k said...

Well done Hope! Lots of happy and safe driving to you :)and congratulations on your job too.

Love love love Miss Marple - she is SOO sweet... she looks so cute. Like a cartoon dog (in a nice way)

Hope the introductions go well!

Great name too ;)

Karen xxx

ps looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday - xxxxx

Eileen said...

Oh my word,
Missy is beautiful!! :-)

Well done Hope on passing your driving test and doing such a wonderful job.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh Jo! I am so happy for you :) Miss marple looks absolutely wonderful. And, Phew! about Hope passing her driver's test. All such good news. Sending love!

Monica Smith said...

Now she can drive you around and about! Here you get a driving license.

Terri Corona said...

She's absolutely darling - I'm so happy for you guys! And congrats to Hope as well, that's a huge achievement in life!

Linda Kunsman said...

awe,awe,awe all around!! Congrats ot Hope-on all accounts, and welcome Miss Marple-oh what a joyful life you and she will share:)

Carmen said...

What an amazing week! How asre Miss Marple and Small Cat getting on now? :-D

Kristin said...

ohohohhhhh! HOW amazing! Congratulations on your new little one!! She's just adorable! SO how what the small cat intro??
Congratulations are also in order for Hope! She must be over the moon.
Thank you for my sweet comment too - you totally cracked me up ;) xoxo

Privet and Holly said...

Congrats to Hope!!
I think my daughter
wishes she'd not waited
until 18 to get her license,
in retrospect. Her little
brother, on the other
hand, will be at the DMV
on his 16th birthday (late
October) to hopefully
get his!

Miss Marple is a little doll.
She looks like a happy little
girl and how lucky for her
that you found each other!

xo Suzanne