Saturday, 30 August 2014

Gauche Frida

(where I was an Alchemist, and 
once you're an Alchemist, 
you're always an Alchemist!)
are running some monthly challenges
while their shop is temporarily closed.

(Frida Picasso)
The first challenge,
open to all
(entries to be in by tomorrow)
is to produce artwork inspired by
Now it has to be said that
I have a mini obsession with
Frida, my downstairs loo is even going
to be dedicated to all things Frida,
so I was happy happy happy to join in!

I really don't know why, but I got it
into my head that I wanted to paint
Frida in the style of Picasso.
As I say, I really don't know why :P

The quote, one of Frida's,
is one of my favourites.

This was such fun to do.

Click here to go to Gauche Alchemy.
Why don't you join in with the next 
challenge, which will be announced soon
(there's even a prize for the
winning entrant).
If you sign up for the newsletter

all the details will be emailed to you.

Thanks for looking!



Jewels said...

Frida in the loo, hmmmm

Peg Hewitt said...

Wow, I love this piece!
I have often contemplated decorating our loo too but spending the time needed in there to do it has always been the issue haha

Kristin said...

Oh, she is so cool! I love all the bold colors and modern feel of it - and I love your Life Book pages below too! I hope Small Cat is doing well with her new roommate ;) xo

Eileen said...

Well, you do know we really need to see your loo when it's adorned :)

sheila 77 said...

What an original idea, Frida in the style of Picasso. It looks terrific, you've captured the look of Frida. I like the flowers in her hair and her earring.

Miss Iowa said...

Hi! Your Picasso Frieda is fab! I definitely think you should decorate your bathroom around her.

BadPenny said...

She is fabulous ! I love the flowers & her bold face x

Carmen said...

Am gobsmacked and in awe. One of my favouritest and best pieces of yours Jo.

Love everything about it - the colours, the style. Have you ever played Sims? In the first one they had a hoover thing where they could sneak up on people and go *shlock, shlop* and suck away some of their talents for themselves... this is one of those occasions I wish I could do that :P

Am requiring that you do prints or postcards of this one please.

Monica said...

That is really an excellent work. You have really got into it with all the challenges.

Tarnished Rose said...

Awesome Jo!


Linda Kunsman said...

great Frida portrait Joanna!! Thanks for stopping by my blog-AND for mentioning this challenge:) Just got my link in!

Gina said...

I love your Frida portrait . I love all things to do with Frida too.

Maggi said...

This is SO awesome, Jo! Thank you for playing along! :D

Lori W said...

Gorgeous, Jo!!!

Virginia said...

Fabulous Jo - really good! I love Carmen's comments too!

Mariposa said...

Beautiful piece. Please don't hide it in the Loo LOL

Sabrina Hoeke said...

This is absolutely brilliant. I see you doing a whole series of artist hybrids. I hope you show pictures of your Frieda bathroom, that is a must-see.

I am also loving your background these days, it rocks as a pattern and I swoon over that one little square of blue amonst the red.

Thank you talented Jo!

Scraps said...

Frida a la Picasso is fabulous! And I hope you'll share pictures of your Frida-inspired loo someday!

missy k said...

I love this Jo....stunning. Look forward to seeing your loo when it is done!

Karen x

Chrissy said...

This is a beautiful piece of artwork, Jo. Love it!