Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Life and Life Book

I haven't been around in Blogland much recently,
life just seems to have been getting in the way,
but I guess that's just how it is sometimes.

Our new 4-legged arrival,
Miss Marple,
has settled in beautifully.

Missy is an absolute joy,
full of beans, fun and mischief.

She has us all wrapped around her
little finger tail.

House training is coming along well
(although there was a slight set back when
we had torrential rain, she really doesn't 
like getting her precious little feet wet!!).

(drinking from the water feature in the garden)
She and Small Cat are not friends yet,
Any advice on persuading a young terrier
to not try and kill the cat gratefully received.

Luckily, Small Cat was already living upstairs
for most of the time and has all she needs up
there (she never was the most social of cats).

We have put up a series of baby gates
 and barricades to keep her safe.
If you think of a Maximum Security Prison,
that'll give you an idea of the set-up.

I have managed to grab a few evenings to
get on with some Life Book 2014 arting.

A lesson from ages ago with Tam......

(she was blessed)
which involved painting over collage....

(WIP, basic collage)
and I really enjoyed doing it.

And a lesson with Carissa Paige...

which involved contact paper transfers
over collage.
Unfortunately my transfers totally failed,
so I tried using packing tape.
Again, failure.
So then I printed my chosen images onto
tissue paper, which gave pretty much 
the same effect, I think.

I enjoyed this lesson too.

Note to self: do more Life Book lessons,
you really enjoy doing them!

Thanks for dropping by,
bye for now!



Marigold Jam said...

Do hope the cat and dog will eventually call a truce - it's often the cat who is top dog if you know what I mean isn't it? Lovely art work you've done.

Monica said...

The cat willwin and be sprme

missy k said...

Great photos Jo.... I'm sure Small Cat knows she is boss of her realm and Missy knows the same about her domain! Separation is probably the right solution - that way they have nothing to prove ;)

Love both your Life Book Projects...especially the layers of the second one. I've watched the lesson, got the contact paper.......

I've been having a MEGA clear out of my arting space. It has taken days (!) but oh it feels so good now. Tomorrow I am starting on my dressing room. I am on a roll!

I might even tackle a Life Book lesson in the afernoon :)

Karen xxx

Terri Corona said...

What a cutey Missy is and how wonderful that she's fitting right in. But yeah, Terriers and cats probably aren't the best combination if they haven't been raised with them.

I love your Life Book pages, transfers can be very frustrating though for sure, I'm a big fan of tissue paper myself!

Carmen said...

I have done no arting since my mirror either and am getting pretty itchy about it - but what with being away and people staying and, just... life really. Pretty frustrating though when you want it to be your life! (After loved ones of course. *obligatory statement for the public*)

I love your pictures of Missy - you have such a way of catching life with your camera in a fun way. Love her traipsing through the water feature and the one where she is just peeking into shot.

Your arting is gorgeous as always - love the transfer and love the paint over collage too. Both fabulous - especially love the big hands/small head.

Eileen said...

Missy is beautiful and has made herself at home. My terrier X is not cat friendly but of course doesn't have to live with one, oh dear me no! There is a cat that lives around the corner from us who torments her, I'm sure it is laughing at her. Martyn calls it ninja cat. I must blog about it sometime.
Oh yes, they don't like getting wet in the rain :)

BadPenny said...

I hope Missy & small cat learn to live with each other.

I love seeing the ways you build up a design.

Linda Kunsman said...

awe-Miss Marple sure does look like she's home:) I sure hope time will allow she and small cat to become friends. Funny I just looked at your blog yesterday thinking I somehow had missed a post:) Fantastic journal pages and techniques! I would not have known you used tissue paper for the last one if you hadn't told us.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

glad to hear from you on your blog anytime, Jo. No pressure, always nice when I get a notification! That little Missy is so darn cute! I love that photo with her nose in the corner :) When we adopted Chloe at age 2, it took a little while to train her too, she was used to peeing wherever she wanted in the kennel until we rescued her. We took her out a lot and praised her when she did good, she caught on after not too long. She looks like a great dog. Love your art as well. xoxoxox

Virginia said...

Oh I spied this post when i was away and loved reading and looking at your art now I've got to see the art on a bigger screen and its even more gorgeous! Love seeing Miss Marple too!