Sunday, 28 September 2014

Art With Brunch and Ice Cream

Today was one of those perfect days.

The sun was out, it was wonderfully warm
(Mother Nature does not seem to realise 
that it is nearly October, and I'm 
certainly not going to tell her)
and Hope and I went to the seaside.

We visited the 
at Hastings.

My friend Tan (from the Booksy blog)
volunteers at Jerwood and very kindly
gave us some complimentary tickets.

Hope particularly wanted to go to the
Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition,
and it was really interesting to see all the 
different styles.

We also liked the 
Quentin Blake exhibition
- his sketchbooks are wonderful!

is really varied with drawings,
paintings and sculptures in all different media.

Hope and I had a delicious lunch in the sunshine
on the cafe balcony - I had a brunch and Hope had
a crab sandwich - all under the watchful eye
of some rather large seagulls.

Before we set off for home we just had
to have an ice cream (it must be the law to have
an ice cream at the seaside, surely?!).

I won't need to eat for a week!

As I said, it was one of those perfect days.

Thank you so much for the tickets
and the recommendation, Tan!

ps This fella hitched a lift on the windscreen
all the way from Edenbridge to Hastings
(which took an hour and a half).

Once we parked up he shook his wings,
wiggled around a bit and flew off.

He will have been a long way from home!

He looked too big to be a wasp,
do you think it was a hornet?



Monica said...

Hornets can sting and you have to get the stinger out. it feels like a thin firery needle.
Sounds like a marvelous day.

Flaming Nora said...

ooh err, you were in my manor! The Jerwood really is the most amazing place. Did you enjoy all the unexpected views from the windows?they are my favourite part.

carolann said...

Yes that is a Hornet. They can swell you up your feet if they sting you or your feet or hand.
This is the time they are out.
I live in the country all year round.

Virginia said...

Oh not keen on the size of your hitchhiker Jo - hornets nasty things.

Your day out looks fab!

Carmen said...

Whoa your hitch-hiker is massive!

I loved the Jerwood, I didn't realise Tan volunteered there it was two young people when I went (not saying Tan isn't young) I assumed they were students. Did you go in the darkish room? There was a painting in there that I still think about - I can't remember who it was by but it almost shone, the light in it was beautiful. It's a shame a lot of the locals have such a grudge against the place (my MIL included)

Did you whisper when talking about the drawing exhibit? Funny how places like that have that effect :P

BadPenny said...

ooh I love Hastings - love the fishing rope sheds. What a lovely day out xx

Eileen said...

Sounds a lovely day out. As I live by the seaside I know the feeling of being stared at by seagulls and they seem to be getting more daring nowadays as they will swoop and grab food! That hitchhiker...err horrid!!!

missy k said...

Sounds like a great day.... and of course you must have ice cream at the sea side!

Do not like the look of your hitchhiker - still better out than in!!!

Karen x