Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Take-Off Was Harrowing

It was the birthday last week of
the original Rocking World Friday Queen
and great FB:WW friend.

I sent her one of my postcards.
Unfortunately, it was delivered rather late,
possibly due to the multi-coloured
tape of the envelope which may have
confused the postal machinery.
But it arrived today, hurrah!

(Take-off was harrowing)
'Excess paint from brayer' background
image from vintage National Geographic Magazine
'found' text

Happy Birthday for last week,



Terri Corona said...

What fun, a great goodbye to summer card! And I love the text - I remember climbing up to a really really high diving board at a public pool as a kid, with a long line of kids behind me so I couldn't change my mind - definitely harrowing!

Eileen said...

Your card made me smile, being scared of heights and water (can't swim), for me that would be my worst nightmare. Actually I'd never be up there in the first place :)

Virginia said...

Ah Jo thank you and I didn't mind it being delivered late just so glad it was delivered!

Carmen said...

Pretty apt card for the poor postcards journey ;)

It's another cracker - just love these. Did you submit your collage work for that exhibit you were talking about?

BadPenny said...

a lovely card to receive x

missy k said...

Better late than never!

Lovely work Jo....

I've been having swimming lessons to improve my front crawl.... but don't think I'll be jumping off any high diving boards anytime soon!

Love to you all....

Karen xxx