Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Wisley - Surrey Sculpture Trail 2014

Hope and I went to RHS Wisley last week
for Hope to study a Henry Moore statue 
which has been there for many years,
only to find that it has recently been 
removed, grrrrr!!

However, we still enjoyed the 
Surrey Sculpture Trail 2014.

There were 64 sculptures to find and
 we located them all :)

These are the 19 we liked the best........

(Emu by Gilbert Whyman)
(Imminent Collapse by Gerda Rubinstein)
(Lime Leaves by Lisa Pettibone)
(Temps Leves by Michelle Castles)
(Cheetah on Watch by Carol Bryant)
(Crow Landed1 by Olivia Ferrier)
These crows are my joint favourites,
along with The Star Catcher (keep on 
scrolling to see that one).

(Crow Landed2 by Olivia Ferrier)
(Audacious owl by Abby Martin)
(All From One by Jonathan Hateley)
(Totes Amaz Balls (sic) by Katie Netley)
(Freedom by Erica Renelt)
(Aurora Spreads her Rosy Glow by Malcolm West)
(Cat With a Cunning Plan by Teresa Martin)
(The Heavy Horse by Helen Pittick)
(Springer by Linden Hamilton)
(The Star Catcher by Jeremy Moulsdale)
The Star Catcher was my joint favourite 
(along with Crows Landed, scroll up to see)

(Mycelium Major & Mycelium Minor by Abby Martin)
(Eyes of the Beholder by Brigitte Goirand)
(Fine Fissure by Eric Duggan) 

We both fell in love with this little moorhen chick
wandering around - look at the size of it's feet!

We had a lovely day, 
despite the lack of the Henry Moore statue
 - although we then found
a different Henry Moore statue!

Phew!  That was a long post -
but then it was a long trail!

Thanks for looking!



Linda Kunsman said...

such fascinating sculptures-that is an amazing trail-wow! Thanks for sharing.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

The star catcher is my favorite too! This place you visited reminds me of a place Frieda took me, Jupiter Artland. http://www.jupiterartland.org/artwork.
Amazing art and sculpture to discover outside!

Virginia said...

OMG I love sculptures - I love the crow one and the owl one and the tree turned into a woman one and the eye of the beholder one - love love love sculptures!

Eileen said...

Aren't they good!! Hard to choose a favourite but I love the springer :)

Carmen said...

Those crows. I love them. LOVE THEM I SAY! What a great day out - even if slightly miffed that your quest was thwarted.

missy k said...

What a brilliant lot of photographs...
my fave is the 'house of cards' ...

Glad you got to see at least one HM

Karen x