Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Obliging Buck

It was my dear friend 
Susie's birthday yesterday.

I think it's fair to say that she has
a keen appreciation of the male form,
and we share a penchant for cowboys in particular ;)

So I made her this 'one staple collage'.

Cowboy image from a vintage National Geographic magazine,
painted/gelli printed paper scraps, 
page torn from shorthand dictionary,
USA postage stamp,
found text.

I've been enjoying making
'one staple collages'
and will be swapping some with the
We {heart} Mail Art girls soon.

I haven't been blogging much recently,
and apologies if I have been neglecting your blogs.
There are a lot of (happy) decisions/changes going on
in the Urbani household which means I am super
busy de-cluttering in preparation for a downsizing house 
move in 2016 (it's going to take a lot of de-cluttering!).



Jewels said...

How perfect Jo - love how it turned out - will be responding to yours and Lenna's email soon...

Cindy McMath said...

Wow I LOVE this one-staple collage! I'm sure your friend will too! Good luck with the decluttering - whenever I think of the effort it will take to move one day I break out in hives and go do something else - LOL

Eileen said...

Your friend will love her collage.

Exciting times ahead for you. We downsized to our home for just the two of us quite a few years ago and definitely should have de-cluttered first :)

missy k said...


Lovely collage Jo.... going to have to investigate a 'one staple collage!'

Good luck with the decluttering.... impressed with your forward planning on that one ;)

I see you are reading 'The Conjurers Bird' ... I loved it as did fellow book club members - hope you do too.

Love to you all

Karen x

Virginia said...

Love the collage Jo - decluttering to downsize sounds like an epic task! Don't get lost under all that decluttering!

Carmen said...

Love this Jo - you find the most brilliant phrases!

Decluttering is such a HUGE task but I have to say - it was brilliant when we did it for our move. Though I was fearful that the dump and charity shops were going to start refusing us entry at one point. Saying that, 3 years on and it looks like we never decluttered a thing! I'm sure it breeds! Good luck ;)

Linda Kunsman said...

fabulous one staple collage Joanna! Best of luck with the purging/downsizing to a new home too!

Linda Kunsman said...

fabulous one staple collage Joanna! Best of luck with the purging/downsizing to a new home too!

Monica said...

De-cluttering and downsizing is going to be a really BIG event.

Caz said...

What a fun card :-) My friend always makes me cards with The Rock on because I have an appreciation for him haha! Oh good luck with the decluttering!!