Friday, 31 October 2014


Family Urbani went to the cinema this week.

It is getting increasingly difficult to find
a film that all of us want to see,
but we were all keen to see

This is such a moving film.
It is set at the end of WW2 and
follows the events surrounding a US tank
regiment fighting in Nazi Germany.

Brad Pitt's performance is outstanding.
There is nothing glamorous about him in
this role.

The film presents the war with a brutal
honesty with boys and men required to
do and see things that no one should 
ever have to experience. 
I came away from the cinema with an
 overwhelming sense of sadness -
and gratitude - for the sacrifice so many people
made defending our country from the Nazis.

The rest of the cast were exceptional;
Shia LaBoeuf
Logan Lerman
Scott Eastwood
Michael Pena
in particular.

Family Urbani gives Fury 10/10.



Eileen said...

My husband and I have different tastes in films too, but we'd enjoy this, I'll watch out for it.
Sounds like a film our our youth of today should go and watch.

Virginia said...

Oh Jo I did wonder about this one as I'd seen it advertised recently, thanks for the honest review, looks like a hard watch!

missy k said...

One to watch...

So much good stuff on at the moment - last ever episode of BoardWalk Empire tonight... I've been watching 'Magic Mike' whilst ironing ;)

Karen x

BadPenny said...

I've not been to the cinema for ages !