Friday, 28 November 2014

Flood the Streets on Black Friday

Black Friday is here.
It's turning into a greed-fest both here in
the UK and in America, with dreadful scenes
of people fighting for consumer goods 
being shown on the news.
The irony is that it comes just one day after
Thanksgiving, when my American friends
reflect on all they have and give thanks for it.

As a counterbalance to this, last year
Scott Wong started a movement called
I'm joining in this year
and later on today I shall be dropping some
of my postcards in the local area.

(altered vintage postcard, collage, found text)

(Gelli print, vintage magazine images, found text)
(Gelli print, vintage magazine images, acrylic paint, collage, found text)
(Gelli print, vintage magazine image, acrylic paint, found text)
Have a great day!



itsamistry said...

This is the first time I'll be taking part in this event to.

Sarah said...

Blimey I wish I lived in Kent - your collages are SO good Jo!!!! and welcome to the flood :)

Netty said...

Love your pieces, have a great day, Annette x

Jewels said...

Love love all of them Jo! Dropped mine off at the village post office here ( they seemed to have the most traffic). That was fun!

Eileen said...

Black Friday! I hope the police charge the stores for having to attend these riots, it's absolutely ridiculous.

I really like your postcards and what a great idea, well done.

BadPenny said...

Love the bright background of the second... cheered up Black Friday for me !

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo! I've always loved your post cards, and stopping by to see what you've been up too, is by far more fun than any Black Friday sale!

A happy belated birthday to your beautiful birthday girl!!

Miss Iowa said...

Fabulous collages (that second one is a little creepy, though--LOL). Christmas has become so commercialized that I'm rebelling a little this year. And I'm boycotting one cable TV station that started showing Christmas movies on October 31!!

missy k said...

Great postcards Jo....

They made me :)

Lovely to see you on Thursday...

Karen x

Carmen said...

Oh I love your collages. Lucky people that found them :)

The news reports about Black Friday over here was sickening wasn't it? Cannot understand it.

Privet and Holly said...

Joanna, this caught my
eye, as I was on Oxford
and Regent streets on
Black Friday, and it seemed
way more jolly than the
papers led us to believe : )

I never shop on Black Friday
at home, because it often
starts at midnight of our
Thanksgiving holiday, and
I believe people should be
home with their families, not
forced to work. And, I'm
not a fan of manic shoppers!

Love your art counterbalance.
Your work makes me smile!

xo Suzanne

CatieAn said...

What a wonderful idea to take art to the streets. I know I hate the idea of such consumerism and greed as well. Too many others disagree and buy into that whole idea.

I would rather make my gifts.I love your art.