Wednesday, 12 November 2014

'One Staple Collage' Swap

The 'We {heart} Mail Art' three
have been swapping again -
this time Jewels, Lenna and I swapped
'One Staple Collages',
which I first read about on

To cut a long explanation short, it's
a collage with
one staple securing the components,
and no glue.

This is my collage for Jewels,

the background is a Coca-Cola ad from a
vintage National Geographic magazine.
Also used, odd scraps of printed paper etc,
ribbon, found text.

I sent it in this Mail Art envelope,
a faux one staple collage.

I gave it a Canadian vibe as a hug for Jewels,
who is from Canada and was understandably 
devastated following the recent dreadful
terrorist attack in Ottawa.

This is the collage I made for Lenna,
again using a Coca-Cola ad from a vintage
 National Geographic magazine.

and sent it in this faux stapled collage envelope.
Lenna and her husband, Steve, have just adopted a
young kitty called Lightning, so I welcomed him
to his wonderful new life on the envelope.

Jewels' collage and Mail Art arrived first - 
she used paint as well as the cool Eastern imagery.

The collage theme followed through onto the envelope.....

....and then on to the back.
Jewels laughed that she had visions of me 
constantly telling Grant, Luke and Hope 
to take their shoes off at the front door, 
and that I could use the collage as a reminder!

Lenna's collage to me offered words of advice for 
my current campaign of decluttering the 
Urbani household prior to our 
planned downsizing move.
Fabulous background,
and a super collection of images,
text and lovely herbal tea-bag packet.

On the reverse she reminds me to take one day 
at a time to make the whole process achievable.  
I'll try!
She sent it in this envelope,

I LOVE that fishy rubber stamp!

I really enjoyed doing these collages,
and have made some more since
(I'll put them on here sooner or later).

Next swap for us,
Vintage Gluebook.

Bye for now,


Jewels said...

Oh I love seeing what got exchanged between you and Lenna - love seeing how the all came out! May try again later on (before we through all our other ideas LOL)...

Kristi said...

Awesome mail art by you guys!!!

Karen Isaacson said...

those are fantastic. I did a few simple one staple collages during ICAD, but you've taken them to a whole new level!

Eileen said...

They're all great, such good fun.

BadPenny said...

What a great idea. Love the coke images x

Terri Corona said...

They're all so fun, what a clever idea. Sounds like a big project ahead of you - my recent move proved how badly I get along with chaos, but it's been so worth it and I have no doubt you'll come through it just fine and feeling wonderfully de-cluttered!

Monica said...

That came out looking like it was fun.

Caz said...

These are so much fun and a clever idea :-)

SusieJ said...

Wonderful! I may give this challenge a try.....esp. as I loved my b'day collage so much.
Good luck with the decluttering....currently on skip #7 here...I'm hoping the end is is sight!
Hugs xx

trisha too said...

Absolutely love these, Joanna!

What a challenge, one staple--it boggles my mind to think on it, but you did it so very well, you almost make me consider giving it a go!