Monday, 17 November 2014

The Imitation Game

Grant, Hope and I went to the cinema
today to see

Benedict Cumberbatch
Kiera Knightley
Charles Dance
Mark Strong
etc etc

This was Hope's choice (pre-birthday treat),
even though she hasn't yet forgiven
Mr Cumberbatch for getting engaged recently.

The film follows the life of

the brilliant maths professor who solved the 
code presented by the German's Enigma machine.
His work ultimately led to the end of the
war (estimated 2 years 'early' and saving
14 million lives). 

This was such a good film;
the storyline was remarkable, 
even more so because it is based on truth,
and the acting was superb.

The Urbani3 give the film 10/10 :)


It is going to be my baby-girl's birthday tomorrow.
Hope is going to be 18.
She's not a Party-Party kinda girl
so we're going out for a family meal tomorrow
night and, when they get around to organising 
it, she's going to go with her BFF,
Victoria, to the



Monica said...

I will say it for seems like only yesterday......
Happy Birthday hope. the fun years begin.

Jewels said...

Can't wait to see this flick - good choice Hope! Many happy returns.

Virginia said...

Ah many Happy Returns of the day for Hope - bless Jo - 18 where does the time go to. Have a lovely family meal out!

Miss Iowa said...

Thanks for the review! A friend of mine was telling me about this film and I have to admit I had never heard of this actor. (Hangs head in shame. lol) I don't go to many movies but this is the type I would probably like.

Miss Iowa said...

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header! I may have to try the one staple challenge.

Carmen said...

Devvie wants to see this. She too is still in a strop with him but reckons she still has a chance with Matt Smith!