Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's Arty

As I type, 2014 is almost over
and I am starting to get my arty head 
together for the year to come.

Creatively, I have got a few plans,
all of them very low-key and all of them
designed to get me arting every day
when at all possible.

Firstly, I will be joining in with

This is a free prompt project,
details are HERE.
On a similar vein I will be dipping into
over at Daisy Yellow 
(which has to be one of the most 
inspirational arty websites to visit).

This is also free
and the details are HERE.
I will be continuing to work my way through
having, totally predictably, 
got waaaaay behind.

Lifebook 2015 starts tomorrow,
and if you're interested in signing up
all the details are HERE.
This class is such good value and lasts a whole year (or 2 in my case, haha!).
I will continue to swap
Mail Art and Postcards with my
'We {heart} Mail Art'
swap buddies, Jewels and Lenna.

I have just signed up to providing Mail Art
for a Mail Art exhibition in Baltimore
at the Maryland World Trade Centre,
which I read about on the
All the details are HERE.
So that lot should keep me quiet
for a while!

What arting plans do you have
for 2015?
Have you signed up for any 
classes or projects?
I'd really like to hear about them.




Eileen said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Art!

BadPenny said...

ooh you are going to be so busy - really looking forward to seeing your artwork Jo.
Me ? It's being creative at the shop - I'm planning the Valentine's window which co-insides with Love Milford week where we are encouraged to only spend money in the actual village for a week - I shall be doing it.

Happy New year Jo & hope we meet up soon xx

Jewels said...

Yeah Jo! Look forward to seeing your arty stuff - I am also trying Documented Life 2015....and of course our mail art exchange....signed up for Whats Your View too but will see if it gets done LOL hugs. J

Monica said...

See you on DLP 2015.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You are so creative, and so I know this is going to be great fun for you! I'll look forward to seeing where it takes you!

I'll have to check out the Mail Art exhibition in Baltimore which isn't too far from where I live.

·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ Happy New Year!!

missy k said...

Sounds like you will have enough to keep you busy and happily arting every day!

Happy New Year to you all

Karen x

Carmen said...

I'm going to join in with Documented Life too. Work through my half started classes, try and get on that art course and restart my 100 faces personal challenge :)

Here's to a creative 2015!

Caz said...

You have so many fun and arty things lined up! I am quite interested in the documented life project so I may give that a go :-)