Wednesday, 17 December 2014

No Tree Yet...

It's just a week to Christmas and I still haven't 
got our Christmas tree!  When Hope is ready
 (and I'm not going to hold my breath waiting!)
we're going to dash out and see if we can find one 
that  doesn't look too sorry for itself.

In the meantime, 
here is another One Staple Collage...

(Doomed to Disappointment)
and a photo taken a couple of mornings ago
when Grant and I were walking Missy.
It was very frosty, the ground was quite hard
and the scene was spectacularly beautiful.

I'm holding the inaugural meeting of the
'Westways Reading Group'
tomorrow night!
I invited all of my road, a cul-de-sac,
to join and I had 5 'yes'es!
Tomorrow will be a 'getting to know you' type
of evening, and I'm looking forward to getting to
know my neighbours better
(and to reading more books!).

Hope's now ready, we're off!



SusieJ said...

Good luck with the tree hunt! Wish I lived near enough to join your reader's group. Loving the collage. Xx

BadPenny said...

Spectacular photo Jo. I hope you find your tree. Have fun with your book group x

Jewels said...

Love that collage Jo! I am in a book club and it has been fun. Just finished the book Wonder by RJ Palacio that I highly recommend (get the 2013 edition)....

Eileen said...

That's a beautiful photo.
I hope you find the perfect Christmas tree and your reading group is a huge success.

Terri Corona said...

Okay, that one staple collage is hilarious! And what a gorgeous photo, my goodness, I hope you were all bundled up! I love your neighborhood book group idea, good for you.

Good luck with your tree - I always figure as long as they end up with your beautiful meaningful ornaments on them they're always beautiful!

Virginia said...

Fabulous collage (as always Jo), hope the reading group goes well, how fab to be getting to know neighbours better!

missy k said...

Fun collage :)

Glad you decided to try a book club!!!

Remember to start as you mean to go on so you don't evolve into a drinking/book club ;)

What are the best books you have read this year? I am choosing some books for my reading club :)

Happy tree picking and decorating. We have the same real one from last year.... in from the garden :)

Karen x