Saturday, 27 December 2014

The (Im)Perfect Stranger Swap Project

I recently signed up for the

This is such a lovely idea;
you are given a swap partner 
and then send each other a package 
of things that you love and 
would like to receive.

I was given my swap partner 
and we made contact.
She was lovely and we shared a bit 
of our lives with each other.

I sent her a tin in which I put...
(please excuse bad photos, 
my camera was dying),

a Fiddlesnips! Word Wall,

some chocolate,

a Christmas decoration,

some sparkly twinkly earrings,

a lavender sachet to tuck in 
her knicker drawer,

and Fiddlesnips! 
'bacon and eggs' collage.

I know that it was received because I
emailed a week or so later to check,
but unfortunately I haven't heard 
anything from my swap partner 
since then and it's now more than 
a month since the sending off date.  
It's pretty disappointing but I guess 
that's the risk you take when signing 
up for projects that require goodwill
and trust that people do what they 
say they will do.

On the same theme, I also 
signed up for a
and sent off my collage scraps 
a few weeks ago.
I have yet to hear from my swap 
partner so keep your fingers crossed!



Eileen said...

What a nice idea and your gifts are lovely. Maybe yours is delayed in the post.

Reminds me of a Secret Santa at my husband's workplace, we enjoyed choosing an appropriate gift for his chosen partner, then on Christmas Eve there was nothing for Martyn. It turned out his partner was his manager and she hadn't bothered. Although he is a grown man he was very hurt and disappointed.

My fingers are crossed for you x

Hope said...

Swaps are always hit and miss. I recently signed up for a swap and was told AFTERWARDS that no one wanted to swap with me as I am in the UK, even tho there was someone who had said they wanted to. I hope your parcel shows up soon!

BadPenny said...

That's a shame Jo but swaps can be so hit & miss.
remember Ernest ? whatever happened to him ? !

missy k said...

Hope your swap parcel is just 'in the system' somewhere. The parcel you sent looked lovely.

Fingers crossed for the second one :)

Karen x

Linda Kunsman said...

What a lovely tin you sent. I do hope you eventually receive something in return. Similar has happened to me several times during swaps and it is disappointing, but it hasn't stopped me from continuing to swap. I'm just a bit more careful now.

Terri Corona said...

Karma will reward you for that lovely, thoughtful box you sent - sooner or later!

Gina said...

How disappointing Jo. I signed up for the swap too and sent a parcel of all sorts of beautifully wrapped little gifts. In return I got two Ritter chocolates - the sort you get free in hotels, and a crumpled bookmark. I won't be doing it again in a hurry!

Monica said...

Know it well.

Katie said...

That's upsetting. Fingers crossed it's still coming.
Hey, we should all send Jo goodies to make up for it!!

Carmen said...

That's a shame Jo :( I think by the sound of it there are a few of us who have been burned in this way. But in other swaps my expectations have been blown out of the water - so I'd still take part because the good ones out weigh the bad. I'm fingers crossed that yours is caught up in the Christmas post - one of my parcels to my sister in Scotland still hasn't got there :(

I'm so looking forward to seeing what you get in your collage swap.