Saturday, 31 January 2015

Gluebook Mail Art and Postcard Swap

The 'We {heart} Mail Art' girls have been
swapping again :)

Jewels, Lenna and I agreed on a
Gluebook theme swap
(just paper and glue allowed)
and all have now been received.

I was late sending mine out (yet again).
I really am very fortunate to have such 
patient friends.

The problem was that I just wasn't diggin' the
theme this time.  I used to - in fact we 3 'met'
while doing the Vintage Gluebook online course 
run by Mary Green - but I just couldn't
get into the right gear and struggled with it.

Anyway, this is the postcard I sent Jewels....

(Too Prim)
and I popped it in this envelope
(made out of a page from a retro teenage magazine).


This is the postcard I sent to Lenna...

(Looking Like a Pear) this envelope.

Now Jewels sent me hers before Christmas
(I'm hanging my head in shame that she had
to wait so long), and they have a 
wonderfully festive look to them...

it's a super postcard - 
I love the retro touches of glitter  
and the sentiment,  
'To Merry People..'
 made me laugh.
Jewels has a great sense of humour
and it shines through her artwork.

She sent it in this wonderful envelope...

Don't you just LOVE that Christmas hat?!
I NEED a hat like that!

The postcard from Lenna is probably my

I love that a bit of it goes off the background,
I love the colour of it and
I love the ephemera.
I love it!

She sent it in this envelope...

...which got a little bit chewed in some postal machinery
but otherwise arrived safely.

So to my patient friends, Jewels and Lenna
 - sorry and thank you.
Sorry mine were late and frankly not great,
and thank you for sending me yours, I love them :)

Our next swap theme is 
which is 
'a wordless semantic form of writing'.

And hurrah, I'm digging this theme!

Thank you for reading!



Virginia said...

Oh they are all fab Jo!

Jewels said...

Well I think they are all FANTASTIC (whether you were digging the challenge or not LOL). And no need to apologize - all is forgiven - we have no rules anyways :) ... Looking forward to your asemic writing (geesh I should go practice ha ha).....

Linda Kunsman said...

These are all brilliant Joanna! Looking forward to what you come up with for the asemic writing challenge.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

well, I am giggling here because I LOVED your postcard and envelope and it didn't bother me it was a little late. It arrived and it is grand!! Very fun & refreshing I thought. Loved the envelope. Wow, I am so glad to read that you liked my card so much!! That makes me very happy. Of course I think I cheated and added a little Adirondack ink? Oh well! I am a rule breaker!! Thanks for posting this Jo, great to see :o ) I hope to post myself about our exchange too!

Monica said...

great work and a fun swap. You should be able to cover all the walls in the house with your swaps.

Carmen said...

I love them all - I always love seeing what you three are up to. You all have such different styles but go together really well.

Cannot wait to see what you do with the next one - I never knew that scribbly writing had a proper name!

missy k said...

Great swaps.... all so varied .... all lovely.

Karen x

BadPenny said...

Super swaps all round xx