Saturday, 3 January 2015

Steampunk'd at The Royal Observatory

Hope's next project at college is
and she will be tasked to make a
costume for a (fictional) 
Steampunk military character.

This gave us a good excuse to go to
Greenwich and see the 

This exhibition has been on since last April
(how did we not spot it earlier?!)
and finishes this Sunday, the 4th January.

Phew! That was a close shave!

Photography was, thankfully, permitted
(photographs by Hope).

A group of artists were invited to create
Steampunk inspired artwork, with the
 theme of Longitude
 and how it was discovered.

There wasn't loads to look at,
but what there was has given 
Hope quite a few ideas to work with
(not copy).

The venue, The Royal Observatory building, 
and its contents, gave her just as many ideas.

Attached to the hat is a 'medal' awarded for bravery.

We both liked this corset and underskirt.

The embroidery on this quilted costume
was of the constellations.

This reminded me of a Steampunk'd version 
of an usherette's ice cream tray!

This telescope mask won the competition,
and it was our favourite too.
I think Hope might develop this 
idea for her costume.

The biggest piece was outside in the courtyard.

We then wandered down to the
to see an exhibition
included in the Longitudepunk'd ticket price
but I have to confess that we found it 
really rather boring and so we didn't 
hang around there for long.

This oversized ship in a bottle is outside
The National Maritime Museum.
Hope decided that a small child must have 
been popped into the bottle, and not allowed 
out until the ship was completed. 
 Either that or hamsters.

And finally, a photo of my
Steampunk earrings - well I HAD to
wear them, didn't I?!

Tomorrow we are hoping to catch another
exhibition just as it's ending -
at The Jerwood Gallery in Hastings -

Bye for now!



SusieJ said...

What a great day out! I love Steampunk!
Tell Hope that I have a copy of the Steampunk Bible - there is a great chapter on fashion, accessories and music...showing people now in costume...there are some beauties!
Shame about the other exhibition but love your earrings!!
Hugs xx

Jewels said...

Wow how cool is that - I've been to the national marine museum a couple of times (have and Aunt and Uncle who live near by). LOVIN the earrings (but is your neck soar from the weight LOL)....

Carmen said...

Aw - so jealous you are going to the Jerwood one. I fancied that but just never got the time to get there. Looking forward to that post!

Looks like a lovely day out - did anyone mention your ear-rings?

BadPenny said...

That looked fun & am sure gave Hope some inspiration x

Caz said...

The steampunk exhibition looked like lots of fun! I do like a bit of steampunk!

Eileen said...

All those costumes are wonderful,
love the earrings! We'll have to see Hope's finished piece you know!

missy k said...

Love the ship in the bottle... I always find them fascinating.

I'm not really a steampunk fan but looks like you had a fun day out :)

Karen x