Saturday, 28 February 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 8

February theme - Layers You Will Love!
Week 8 Art Challenge - Repeating Elements.
Week 8 Journal Prompt - It's Worth Repeating.

I enjoyed doing these pages.
Acrylic paint background.
Repeating faux butterfly/moth 'cards' 
and repeating dots,
painted sentiment.


I'm now all ready for Week 9 :)



carolann said...

I like.

trisha too said...

Me, too! :)

Jewels said...

Love how you do your "shadowing" just makes everything pop!

missy k said...

Great pages.....

Love the moths :)

Karen x

sugar Creek said...

So pretty! Love butterflies lately guess I'm ready for spring as well! Hope everyone is doing well!

BadPenny said...

love the repeating butterflies xx

Carmen said...

Fabulous! And Jewels is right - everything is positively popping off that page!

Caz said...

This is a lovely page! Very nice dreamy colours!

Privet and Holly said...

Beautiful! It almost
looks like it was done
digitally, but I know it
was not. So great that
you have your art as a
creative outlet!

xo Suzanne

Terri Corona said...

Wow Joanna - it's SO 3 dimensional! Absolutely gorgeous and I love the sentiment.