Monday, 9 February 2015

It's Been Really Rather Busy.

It's all been really rather busy 
lately with Family Urbani
- are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin.

In October, Top Son Luke
left paid employment as a barber,
(with our support and encouragement)
to give himself time to reconsider his future.
After some thought he applied for University
and last week, following an interview and
discussion over his portfolio (including a film
of Grant speaking about his experiences as a police officer
over the past 30 years interwoven with images), 
he was offered a place at 
study Film and Film Production.

He'll start the course in September.

We are so happy and excited for him.
In the meantime he's bumping up his savings by
working as a barista in Costa Coffee 
- the student life doesn't come cheap these days!

Missy loves her 'Toy Boy',
he plays great games with her.

Hope has also applied for University
and last week had an interview at 
to study Model-Making.
All seemed to go well but
she's still waiting to hear if she has a place
- please keep your fingers crossed for her!
She's got interviews lined up at other
Uni's too.

I retrieved this photocopy of her face from 
her rubbish bin.
I suppose I should be glad that, at 18,
 she was only photocopying her face.... ;)

She painted this portrait of me - her first
attempt at both portraits and using 
oil paints.

She took photos of me pulling faces
(on her request) and she then collaged 
them onto the photo - and it was this collage 
that she then painted, if you get my drift?!

We have had Missy the Monster for
6 months (and 1 day).
She's so funny and clearly thinks she is
much bigger than she actually is.
The postman is not her friend.

She did, however, make friends with a soft toy
and couldn't understand why it didn't respond
to her attempts at friendship!

Grant and I have been busy building our business
and our team is growing :)
If you are in the UK and would like to either
SAVE and/or MAKE money, just send me an email 
(my email button is top left of this blog, 
above Raspberry Beret),
 I'm very happy to explain what it's all about.

I was at a petrol station recently
and spotted these little gravestones within
the forecourt area.

It appears to be a little pet cemetery
and I guess that a condition of sale of the land
on which a house previously stood
is that these little stones are maintained.

Some of the inscriptions are rather bizarre
and, while sad, also comical in the 
way they are described.

It must have been carnage on those roads
in the 1930s :(

What else?
Well, Small Cat is still with us -
she is heading towards 19 years old
now. Not bad for a cat with serious kidney 
disease who wasn't going to last long, 
4 years ago
(when we fostered her from the rescue centre)!

That's about it really,
and if you've reached thus far
you should reward yourself with a
chocolate bar or a stiff whiskey!

Thanks for dropping by,
bye for now!



Lenna Young Andrews said...

I loved reading this from you Jo, all the news of your family and I have not even reached for the whisky yet!!! xoxxoxo

Virginia said...

Brill write up Jo as always, busy busy at your house at the moment, keeping fingers and toes crossed for Hope!

BadPenny said...

What an artistic family you are ! Good luck all around. Hope's portrait is amazing.
The little graves are rather sobering.

missy k said...

Brilliant post Jo.

Fantastic news about Luke - good for him :)

Fingers crossed for Hope x loved the painting of the collage ... think I just about kept up with the process ;)

No stiff drink needed.... but I am looking forward to yoga this morning!

Have a great day :)

Karen x

Jewels said...

My goodness Jo - you HAVE been busy! And two "kids in college" to look forward to - my Hope's dramatic collage of you...interesting pet tombstones lol....I am sure you are taking all in stride. Hugs from me and Stinker Man....

SusieJ said...

Lovely busyness Jo.

Fingers crossed for Hope and well done to Luke!

Sniffling a little at the gravestones...xx

Jill said...

Lovely to catch up, every good wishes for your off-spring's success,they're displaying lots of talent. Where do they get it from I wonder?

Sabrina Hoeke said...

Such an active, wonderful, nurturing, artistic home to be in - for people and animals alike. Can't wait to see what everyone is doing next!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Excellent news for your Luke. It's good to hear of a young man who stops what he has been doing and reconsiders what he would really like to do, then jumps right in to do it. Bet he is really looking forward to starting down in Plymouth in September.

Fingers crossed for Hope too. I absolutely love her painting of you...she caught motherly emotion so well (not that I think you always look like this Jo, lol)! If she doesn't get into Bournemouth, has she considered Falmouth!

ann :-)

Monica said...

Empty nest is beckoning!

The image by hope of you is quite fantastic and expresses one of things art is about ....risk taking. (usually misinterpreted as Shocking people)

Carmen said...

I can't believe it's been 4 years you've had Small Cat!

Those stones are tragic and yet comical - very imaginative engraver!

Good luck to both the Urbani's. They are going to do amazing. And is that a literal, plonk face in photcopier job? That's the most classy one of those I've seen!

Lovely catch up Jo!

trisha too said...

Hadn't been by for a while, things certainly ARE happening! What a talented family you have.


CatieAn said...

Congratulations on your son getting accepted to film school!
Your daughter is so talented. I LOVE her collage is amazing!!
those pet headstones were so funny

Terri Corona said...

Fun catching up! I love Hope's "interpretation" of you!