Sunday, 29 March 2015

Asemic Writing Postcard/Mail Art Swap

The 'We {heart} Mail Art' girls
have swapped again,
this time with the theme of
- no, I hadn't heard of it either!

Basically, it's mark-making that 
looks like writing, but isn't.

Got it?!

Well, I went with it all being quite
nonsensical and had fun.

(Postcard for Jewels - Men are from Mars)
I chose the further theme of
'Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus',
inspired by relationships and how we say
things without saying things,
and how what we say isn't necessarily
what we mean.

Aren't human beings weird?!

(Postcard for Lenna - Women are from Venus)
For both postcards I used a portrait photo
cut from an old film magazine
and gave them some funky clothes.
The Asemic Writing in the background
reinforces the theme of  
 blah blah blah.

(Asemic Writing envelope)
I sent both Lenna and Jewels a similar envelope,
which was an envelope gessoed, stamped in
while the gesso was wet, and then I used 
Neocolor IIs over it, a bit more Asemic Writing,
some more rubber stamping and
finally white paint pen splatters.

Look at the postcard Jewels sent to me!

Fabulous vintage image and 
wonderful rich background.

And her envelope,

(envelope front)
I really like the collage, main image
 and gelli printing

(envelope back)
and I LOVE
"Quick, Watson, the Micromanipulator!"!!

And Lenna's is entirely different -
that's what I enjoy about our little group, we all
have such different styles and ideas.

This postcard has wonderful rich colours,
better than the photograph shows.
Although the Asemic Writing says nothing 
(of course!)
it still kinda tells a story :)

I enjoy looking at Lenna's envelope -
can you tell she has got a cat in her life
(sweet Lightning, who has definitely landed on 
all 4 feet going to live with Lenna and Steve!)!

So there you have it,
the latest swap from us three gals.
Our next one is going to be
'Reconstruction Collage'...



Jewels said...

So fun seeing them all together Jo! Really wanted to see yours to Lenna and vice versa....

Virginia said...

Gorgeous take on a fab theme - love how they are all similar but very different

missy k said...

Fun swap.... I love the variety of all the work done.

I'd never heard of Asemic writing.... interesting!

Karen x

BadPenny said...

I really loved looking at these Jo, what a fun swap x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a happy post! I love ALL of it and us all together ;O)) Thanks, Jo!!

Linda Kunsman said...

you all have such a great thing going on and I love seeing everyone's styles come thru on a theme!
PS- been wondering about Pimple...

Ophelia Staton said...

Love these!!

Monica said...

never heard it called that . It is a terrific swap and looked fun,

Miss Iowa said...

What fun mail art! I'd never heard that term either; I learned something new today! :) Always find great inspiration here, thank yo u!