Friday, 13 March 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 10

March theme: Making Your Mark 
(doodles and mark making)
This Week's Art Challenge: As a Layer Element
This Week's Journal Prompt: Surviving the Elements

(I Am a Survivor)
I am so enjoying the challenges at the
Documented Life Project.
You can still join in - people are 
jumping onboard all the time, 
and it's FREE!

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This month is all about
doodles and mark making.
I'm not a big fan of doodling - 
I LOVE it in other people's
artwork but I just don't enjoy doodling and
neither do I like the results I achieve.  
So I am going to focus on 
'mark making' this month.

The journal prompt led me to think about how we
are all survivors - if we are alive and kicking 
then we are survivors of life and everything 
it throws at us.
I have painted a symbolised version of 'myself', 
with flaming hair,
iced skin and watery clothing.

I really enjoyed doing these pages :)



Terri Corona said...

Wow Joanna! I've always suspected you were a flaming long-haired redhead underneath your cool exterior!

She's gorgeous - and what a great job on the hand - always brave to add a a hand! And I love that necklace.

BadPenny said...

Love love all the colours you've used !

Virginia said...

Jo that is absolutely fantastic, loving the blend of blue and the red hair - amazing!

Carmen said...

She is a fiery warrior indeed! Love her/you! It's very true too - we are all survivors x

trisha too said...

Very powerful layout, Joanna--the striking red hair against the subtle grays, really gorgeous.