Monday, 23 March 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 11

March theme - Making Your Mark 
(Doodles and Mark Making)
March 14 Art Challenge - Borders
Journal Prompt - Borderline feels like 
I'm going to lose my mind.

(You don't have to be ruled by fate.  You can choose freedom)
This prompt reminded me of a recent visit that 
Hope and I made to Wisley, 
where there was a wonderful event
with beautiful foreign butterflies 
in the massive glasshouse.

While we were queuing to get in
we noticed a lone butterfly had escaped from
the temperature controlled area and was
flying around.  Whilst we understood that this
was probably not ideal for the long term future 
of the butterfly it was still lovely to see it 
flying free settling where it wanted.

These pages were fun to do.
I'm not sure that any of the butterflies
I painted actually exist (!) but I enjoyed
choosing their colours.
The border is simply white paint and 
wooden indian stamps in grey acrylic paint.

I tried to give the effect of depth 
with shadowing.

I'm running a teeny-tiny bit behind
so I'd better get on with the next challenge!

Thanks for looking!



Jewels said...

Love love love - and your inspiration story too!

BadPenny said...

We used to love visiting the butterfly house while on holiday at my mum's home on Anglesey.
Lovely design & background story

The Sparkly Fairy said...

This is lovely!

missy k said...

Beautiful butterflies and I love the stamped frame...

Karen x

Linda Kunsman said...

a lovely collection of butterflies Jo!