Saturday, 18 April 2015

Daytrippers, yeah

Hope and I enjoyed a busy day in London
this week, on one of the sunniest days of
the year so far.

First stop was the Barbican to see

This is the first exhibition in the UK to present
the personal collections of post war and 
contemporary artists, such as:
Peter Blake
Damien Hirst
Andy Warhol
Edmund de Waal 
etc etc

(All photos nabbed from Google Images
as photography not allowed in the exhibition)

I loved it all - maybe it reminded me of my home...?!

There was a wide variety of collections.

(Peter Blake's collection of creepy dolls - their eyes follow you...)

(Unsurprisingly maybe, Damien Hirst's collection)

(a very small part of Hanne Darboven's collection)
One of my favourite collections was by 
Hanne Darboven.
I think I must have been her in a previous life.
She collected anything and everything -
the contents of my head is like this collection!

(From Andy Warhol's collection)

My very favourite collection was of Thrift Store paintings,
collected by Jim Shaw, like the cat above.
Fabulously weird and wonderful 
(and often badly painted)
they looked amazing
together on the wall.  

Much to Hope's dismay, I emerged from the
exhibition with the realisation that 
collecting (or in my case, borderline hoarding) is ok -
just as long as I do it in the name of art.

There is a free app should you wish to view the exhibition
on your mobile device, just search for 
Magnificent Obsessions: the Artist as Collector
in the App Store (I think it's also in GooglePlay).

After this we hopped on the tube to Covent Garden
because Hope wanted to go to a shop called
Just like every other 18 year old, she needed some
fresh scab blood and some scar foundation!
She was tempted by the blister fluid too...

And then we went by tube to the

Hope wanted to look at the front end of horses and 
the back end of fish for her last project at college
(she's going to be making a kelpie).
I have to say that all the exhibits are looking rather
moth-eaten and worse for wear these days, but she
took some photos and got some ideas.

I loved the pattern on this grille...

as well as this fella's scary face.
(I know the feeling...)

And Hope insisted on travelling to the centre of 
the Earth (by escalator) 

We had a lovely day - only slightly marred by me losing
my train ticket (whioch meant I had to buy 
another one to get home, hurrumph!).


Jewels said...

Lovely trips Jo - but what's with the day staff person in the last pic? He looks incredibly bored LOL....

Joanna said...

I think he's discovered all there is to find in his world!

missy k said...

Sounds like the perfect day.... apart from the train ticket :(

Borderline hoarding is fine .... just as long as it is in the name of art AND you remember you are planning a house move soon ;)

Ps I agree the dolls are creepy!!!!

Karen x

Paper rainbow said...

I'm very relieved to know my hoarding is 'art' :) I love that cat!!! Wonderful wierd!!

SusieJ said...

A grand day out Jo!
Loved some of the collections but the dolls and eyes creeped me out!
And to think...I've got rid of most of my hoarded stuff....who knew it was art? lol

BadPenny said...

I am a little envious that you can get to these exhibitions... but delighted for you & Hope !

Bummer about rail ticket ... couldn't you flutter your eye lashes & win over the ticket inspector ?