Sunday, 5 April 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 12

March theme: 
Making your Mark (doodles and mark making)
Week 12 Art Challenge: As a Focal Point
Journal Prompt: Coming into Focus

(Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters)
These pages took me a long time to finish.
I really wan't happy with them but kinda turned
them round - until I did the wording and ugh, I'm not too
keen on that, but you know what?  Enough is enough.

I collaged magazine photos of a model and
the hands/nest (which originally contained eggs),
and I then over painted, replacing the eggs with my heart.

The background is gesso into which, while it was still 
wet, I pressed an indian wooden stamp.
This was then painted with water soluble wax
crayons, stencilled and framed with a stamp in
acrylic paint, highlighted with gold pen.

As for the wording, at least I like the
sentiment if not the execution.
Surely the giving and receiving of love 
is what truly matters?

Thanks for looking!



Jewels said...

Well I think it is wonderful Jo - but I know what you mean when you do something and it does not feel quite right - but honestly from here it looks awesome :) (by the way I'm not a robot LOL)

BadPenny said...

The background looks so rich & textured. Love the nest holding the heart & hands holding the nest x

missy k said...

Great pages and sentiment ...

Love the nest with the heart :)


Linda Kunsman said...

It's a perfectly lovely page Jo-Love the way you transformed the nest!

Monica said...

The DLP comments really get me in a tiz waz and I make more screw ups and things i do not like. maybe it is because I am trying to move in new directions and haven't really found the road. I like the whole idea that you came up with.

Terri Corona said...

I really love this, love the sentiment, and I think you did a wonderful job with the central image, really striking perspective. And hands, even over-painted, are always a challenge!

Carmen said...

I think it's gorgeous! Really gorgeous! And a very true sentiment - I am never happy with my lettering though so I know what you mean. Nowt wrong at all with this though. Wonderstuff!