Monday, 20 April 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 14

April theme: Color Safari
(exploring inks and paints)
April 4th Art Challenge: Watercolors
April 4th Journal Prompt: It's water under the bridge

The prompt led me to Simon and Garfunkel's
beautiful song, Bridge over Troubled Water
(the hair on the back of my neck always 
stands on end when I listen to this song, 
I love it so much!).

I dedicate these pages to my darling Grant -
always my 'bridge', always my comfort.



BadPenny said...

WOW Jo WOW ! Love it xx

missy k said...

Great work Jo.... love the tranquillity gives out.

Classic song...... :)

Karen x

Linda Kunsman said...

so beautiful!! I tear up every time I hear that song- for so many reasons going back to middle school... Ain't love grand?

Terri Corona said...

I love this - did you draw that bridge? And very clever foliage. I grew up on that Simon and Garfunkel album, and I adore it as well, especially that song. I feel like it's in my DNA.