Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 16

April theme: Colour Safari (exploring inks and paints)
Week 16 Art Challenge: Gelli plate
Week 16 Journal Prompt: a lot on my plate.

Well, I never need too much tempting to
get out my Gelli Plate,
but I haven't done Gelli printing for awhile
so this was great fun for me.

The left page shows the crazy busy side of my life,
which is all about juggling work, family, home, 
chores, pets, friends and everything else that fills
my precious time - some fun, some not so.

The right page is all about my 'me' time
when I totally relax and switch off from all 
distractions - and indulge in arting!

I honestly believe that if I didn't have
my arting time I'd go bonkers!
Anyone else feel like that?!



Jewels said...

YES I do all the time! Did you print right on to your journal pages or on to paper then glued in? haven't decided how I am going to tackle this one yet (though I am definetly going to give it my own twist :) ) how yours turned out

Joanna said...

Thank you, Jewels!

I printed onto paper and then glued that into the art journal. It would have been a terrible mess if I'd tried to print straight into the journal - I'm not a neat printer!


Terri Corona said...

I love both sides, and what they represent - you've captured the sides of your life beautifully! I feel like that as well, but I go too long between times in my studio sometimes, which explains a lot!

missy k said...

Great pages Jo.....

The contrast is very noticeable!

Yep, arting time is a sanity saver :)

Karen x

ps Barry loved his card thankyou ;) and thank you for the Shard photographs. 'We' are watching Chelsea at the moment... big game on Saturday!!!!!

Rae Missigman said...

This is really beautiful! I love it!

BadPenny said...

busy / calm/ busy/ calm - love it x

Linda Kunsman said...

wow- you have captured the energies and thoughts behind both pages perfectly! I know what you mean about the gelli plate. I'm supposed to get together with my friend LuAnn again next week to make prints:)

Caz said...

Oh I love the reds, red is my fave colour! I love the leaf too, that one is very calming which I also like!