Saturday, 11 April 2015


It's been rather quiet on 'Fiddlesnips!' of late,
as I've been busy with all the little things that make
up the patchwork of life - lots of small pieces
that together make up a wonderful rich quilt. 
Apart from all the necessary work stuff,
there's been lots of fun too :)

A couple of week's ago Grant's mum, Barb, 
kindly treated the extended Urbani 
family to a posh lunch at 
to celebrate her 75th birthday.
There were 11 of us -
Grant's parents, Grant, his sister Karen (Missy K),
me, all the grandchildren and my niece's boyfriend.

(Nearly all of us in the photo -
Grandson #2 Elliott had wandered off without me realising)
The food and service was very luxurious and stylish,
(I could definitely get used to it) 
and the view was stunning, 
despite it being quite an overcast day.

It was a real treat for us all to be together.

The Urbani 4 went to see

a mentalist show with Derren Brown.
It was brilliant!
Here we are...

Goodness knows how he does it!

Following the sad demise of our little
guinea pig, Pimple (btw, it's unlikely 
her injuries were a result of a fight with 
her sister; having sought advice it
appears that Pimple may well have had a
hereditary fault which causes brittle bones), 
we now have a new little pig in our lives as a
companion for the recently bereaved Poppet.

(Their indoor cage is bigger than it looks from this camera angle!)
Dandy (as in Dan-de-Lion, 
his urban twist on dandelion, lol) 
adores the new girl in his life and Poppet 
is ecstatically happy to have a young fella to 
boss about.  He is a rescue chap, about a 
year old and an unwanted pet 
(he is already a father but those days 
are now over for him...).

They chatter to each other all day and snuggle
up like a comfy pair of shoes.
He's learned to do what she tells him :)

Missy continues to bring joy and laughter into
our lives and is a constant ball of energy and fun.

(Look into my eyes...)
She has been enjoying our recent Springtime walks...

(Not long until the bluebells will be flowering, any minute now...)
Hope has been having fun making her own 
fake injuries.  You might be able to imagine my 
response when she came into the room 
cradling her arm
with her hand looking like this...!

Apparently, her 'injury' is made from 
latex and loo paper and is then painted
(now I know why we get through 
so much loo paper - £££££s!!).

She also made a charming 'Glaswegian smile'
(where it looks as if a knife has 'widened' the mouth)
although I sadly (thankfully) have no photographs.

Meanwhile, the house sorting continues at 
a laborious pace prior to our planned move 
at the end of the year.
Grant and I visited out intended destination 
again yesterday and took Hope too 
(she will be coming with us, 
Luke will be at Uni by then).
We love it there and cannot wait to get moving
(we can't move until Grant retires mid-November).

Tomorrow morning Hope and I are going
to the cinema - we have free tickets to a preview of 
A Little Chaos.  

I'll let you know what we think,
but until then, here's a teaser trailer.



Jewels said...

Thanks for the round up Jo! Have you shared where you will be moving to? Loved the trailer - wonder how long that will take to come our way (sigh)....hugs

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo! What great fun you've been having, and what cuties Missy and Dandy are too! --But that hand!! ;-)

I do hope all is well and you're enjoying your weekend!!

Kristin said...

Okay, let's talk about the injury first~! ha! She did an AMAZING job - hope it was on April Fools Day ;) Love your little animals at home (love the guard dog face) and am loving catching up on your journal work. Beautiful, beautiful as always!! xoxo

Linda Kunsman said...

So many exciting happenings for you Jo. So sorry to hear about Pimple-I was wondering about him. Looks like you made Poppet- and Dandy very happy. Missy is a real sweetheart too-great expressions:) What a fab fake injury-I am so impressed!

Terri Corona said...

So good to catch up with you! I hope that movie is as good as it looks.

Carmen said...

What a great catch up. Dandy is a lovely colour and looks as though he's settled right in.

Hope is so talented, I bet the face one was pretty scary!