Sunday, 26 April 2015

Oh My Goodness - The Full Monty

Last night, Hope and I went to the Orchard Theatre 
in Dartford to see the stage version of

We booked the tickets almost a year ago!

We really enjoyed the show,
which is adapted from the 1997 film
and included all the great scenes from the film,
such as this favourite...

What Hope and I hadn't expected was the audience!
99% of them were drunk groups of loud women,
including Hen Parties.
There were only a couple of (long suffering) men in the
audience and they were, strangely, sat either side of Hope and me.

We both felt very under dressed (failed to realise that it
was a sequin shorts and crop top kinda night) and we
were also lacking whistles, doh!

Anyway, the evening was lots of fun
and I think it could be said that
it was 'an experience'!

So I know the question you're asking,
"Did they go The Full Monty?"

Well...... without giving any spoilers
we think they did!

The show stars;

Gary Lucy (Gaz)

Andrew Dunn (Gerald)

Louis Emerick (Horse)

Rupert Hill (Guy)

Martin Miller (Dave)


Bobby Schofield (Lomper)

The show is on tour until December,
the tour dates and venues can be seen

If you go,
make sure you leave your fellas at home
and take your whistles!



Jewels said...

How fun - our local theater did this a couple of years ago. When they "did" the Full Monty the lights were supposed to go down so you could not see but sadly (for the cast) the lighting guys were not on mark and we did see all the naughty bits - laughed so hard. I knew one of the cast members and could not resist the next time I saw him saying "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on"....Glad you had a great time

missy k said...

Sounds like you had an interesting and fun night .... even without whistles ;)

Karen x

Linda Kunsman said...

:):):) OMG I would SO love to see this!!! I have that movie and have watched it several times. I must say that these guys look much better though. I can only imagine the groups of "hens" :):)