Friday, 29 May 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 21

May theme: Touchy Feely (texture)
Week 21 Art Challenge: Cheesecloth
Week 21 Journal Prompt: Say Cheese

Well, I couldn't find any cheesecloth -
thank you for the suggestions to go back to
the 1970s to find some, but my Time Machine 
is at the garage today... :D
So I used some gauze I had instead - it has
a similar appearance (close enough anyway).

These pages are a black gesso base onto which I
drew an xray/anatomical type figure 
(with a white Stabilo All pencil), with the
brain shown as cheesecloth (on many days I feel
I have a cloth brain, lol!).

I totally subscribe to the view that smiling 
can help you feel happy.

Say "Cheese" everyone!



Terri Corona said...

Yes, I think you totally achieved a cheesecloth effect, and what a clever idea to use it with. Your page made me smile, so job well done!

Virginia said...

Fabulous Jo as always - I saw this post whilst i was away but poor internet signal wouldn't let me comment!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

this is awesome, Jo... using the gauze & the words you chose!

missy k said...

I'm smiling :)

Lovely work..... great cheesecloth effect!

Karen x

Carmen said...

Absolutely love this. The brain is perfect! I fully agree with the wording too! Smile a day to keep the blackness away. (Well, more than one smile hopefully!) x x