Monday, 4 May 2015

Far From the Madding Crowd

Hope and I went to the cinema today to see

This new adaptation of the book by Thomas Hardy
had a lot to live up to, with the previous film
starring Julie Christie and Terence Stamp 
being such a favourite.

We were not disappointed.

Carey Mulligan was fabulous as Bathsheba Everdene,
she lit up the screen whenever she was on it
and wonderfully portrayed her complex character
and mercurial emotions (let's face it, she was a
bit of a bitch at times).

Her male 'suitors' were brilliant too.

Mattias Schoenaerts played Gabriel
very movingly.

Martin Sheen played the poor tortured Mr Boldwood -
his awkwardness with Bathsheba was, at times, excruciating.
And he has some interesting pigs.

And Sergeant Troy (boo hiss!) was perfectly portrayed by
Tom Sturridge.

The music, written by Craig Armstrong,
was beautiful.

We both really enjoyed the film.
The story was simply told and the characters
were believable and I felt for them all
(even Troy, who maybe had his reasons for being 
such a cad), and my eyes were a bit leaky
on a couple of occasions.
The scenery was lovely too
(although maybe a little bit too clean
with not enough mud...?).

I want to read the book again now
(I last read it a few decades ago!).



Terri Corona said...

I was hoping it was good, the previews looked wonderful and I love Carey Mulligan - now I'll definitely go see it!

BadPenny said...

How lovely. I sat watching the play at an open air production with friends when the heavens opened. we put bags on our heads & got the giggles & stayed to the very end x

Gina said...

Ooh! I think I would like to see that. It is several decades since I read it... At least three and a half!

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh I DO want to see this one!

missy k said...

This is one that appeals to me too....

Glad you liked it.

btw are you having Poldark withdrawal symptoms I know I am :(

Karen x

Monica said...

Sounds perfect on the netflix list.