Friday, 15 May 2015

You'll Fit In Well There, Mum.

"You'll fit in well there, Mum" 
were the parting words from our cheeky son Luke 
as Grant and I went off to The British Museum
to see

(Exhibition now extended until the beginning of July 2015)
This is such a fascinating exhibition.

There were eight mummies of
different sexes, ages and social standing
and most of whom have never been unwrapped - and
probably never will be using this technology.
They have been CT scanned, which has given all
sorts of information about who they were, how they lived,
how they may have died, the mummification process,
and their world at that time.
Items packed in with the mummy have been 3D printed
and their purpose was explained.
The graphics were amazing.

One poor mummified chap either wasn't very popular 
or maybe his family didn't pay enough because during the
mummification process his head somehow became 
detached from the rest of his body and so had to be held 
on with sticks, and he was also too tall for his coffin 
so a very crude extension was added which made it look 
like he was wearing platform shoes!

Dental hygiene must have been fairly poor
because most of the mummies had several
tooth abscesses which, if left, could have killed them.

They had some amazing wigs though.

Grant and I really enjoyed this exhibition
and I would recommend it if you have an interest
in the ancient world and how science is being used to discover more about it.

Also at The British Museum

and we popped in there too.

This exhibition was very informative about a
period of history about which I previously
 knew very little.

The artwork is stunning,
and I really liked it that they were
given a descriptive explanation.

I understand a bit more about the symbolism now!

I couldn't help but feel sad for these people
that Colonial Britain trampled over this vast continent
which its many different groups of people, each 
with their own languages and traditions,
and simply decided it was theirs.

This was an interesting exhibition
and we both learned more about this
period of history.


We both had a brilliant time at
The British Museum.

Wishing you all a great weekend!



Monica said...

last year I read an incredible Book about Cleopatra, minus all the Elizabeth taylor crap she was astonishing. I put Egypt in quite a different light.
Wish i could see this exhibit.

Terri Corona said...

Oh my gosh, how I would love to see that Ancient Lives exhibit! The Australian ones looks interesting as well. My father was raised mostly in Australia til he was 16, and played with Aborigine children growing up - he'd love that exhibit.

Thanks for sharing!

SusieJ said...

Both exhibitions look fascinating Jo...well worth a day out!
If you want to know a bit more about Australia at that time I can recommend the film "Quigley Down Under" with Tom Selleck.
I found it quite distressing but it certainly opened my eyes up to a period of History I knew little about.
Hugs xx

Gina said...

I'm off to the British Museum tomorrow to see the Australian exhibition. Looks fascinating.

Linda Kunsman said...

I can tell by your smiles you had a really good time. Looks like a fabulous exhibition!

Carmen said...

Both sound amazing! What a great day out.