Monday, 1 June 2015


Today marks the start of
ICAD 2015
run and organised by the lovely Tammy
at Daisy Yellow.
It runs for 62 days, although I may
not keep going for quite that long.

(ICAD #1 - Long Search For a Familiar Face)
I'm starting as I mean to go on,
with a 5 minute collage 
that makes me laugh.

Gelli print background 
(in the words of Valerie Singleton
 - and I'm showing my age there, children -
using 'one I prepared earlier').
Fabulous image and text from a vintage 
National Geographic magazine.

Want to join in?
Go HERE for all the information.



Gina said...

Love it!

missy k said...

Made me smile :)

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

Love that text with the image - perfect! How could anyone not smile at that?

Linda Kunsman said...

I can already see you are really going to have fun with this challenge!

Miss Iowa said...


Virginia said...

JO that's awesome!