Tuesday, 9 June 2015

ICADs 1 - 9

is well under way and I'm loving it!

(Long Search for a Familiar Face)

(A Triumph of Taxidermy)
I'm in the ICAD 2015 Facebook Group
and the constant stream of creativity is
so wonderfully inspiring.

(Keep Your Heads, Everybody!")

("Sometimes I think Like a Chicken")
So far, I have stuck with my original plan of
 creating 5-10 minute collages using 
vintage National Geographic Magazine
 images and found text.

(Who is Davy?)

(Dressed for Courtship)
They make me laugh (probably a bit too much)
and are very quick to do,
which means I can also work on 
Documented Life Project pages and,
more recently, Summer of Color.

(I gave them a strong herbal drug)
The positive feedback from everyone
taking part is very encouraging :)

(How Well Do You Know Your Cat?)

(The Fun Way to Travel)
It's not to late to join in -
just click on the
Index Card a Day icon on 
my left hand side sidebar.



Rolina said...

They are wonderful and very witty - love them!

Miss Iowa said...

Your cards are cracking me up. Especially the "dressed for courtship" one. I need to share that one with my brother, who is an angler.

Terri Corona said...

These are hilarious and very clever, they really do look like fun.

Jewels said...

Love seeing them all together Jo - your style shining through! I have to say my favorite (so far) is the decapitating family LOL

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love what you are doing Jo and it was great to see these all together as a collection. You Go GirL!!

Virginia said...

Jo I agree with Sarah - you are genius when it comes to collage - love all of these!

BadPenny said...

What fun to look at these Jo ! Love the heads off ! You must be having such fun & using the National Geographic magazines is inspired xx

Linda Kunsman said...

LOVE these fun and humorous cards-way to go!

Carmen said...

I'm loving these cards - they make ME laugh too :D

TwinkleToes2day said...

You started off very strongly and have continued to the end. I have enjoyed seeing your cards very much; they always make me smile and marvel at your imagination and creativity in being able to marry up the perfect partners in collage and words. :o))

Patricia said...

I have really enjoyed your cards! So whimsical, funny & irreverent! Love them!

Patricia said...

I have really enjoyed your cards! They are smart, funny, whimsical & irreverent & they always made me smile! Fabulous collection!