Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Rainbow Hug in Happy Mail

Recently, Mary from 
opened an invitation for a limited
number of people to receive Happy Mail.

Just because she could.

I was one of the lucky ones and the
envelope arrived this morning.

This envelope was stuffed full with a rainbow hug
of fun, happiness and joy.

How could I not smile when I opened it?!

I particularly like all the reminders that
'I am beautiful' 
including the mirror
(it's got my wrist in the reflection for the photo, LOL!).
There are days when I feel far from beautiful -
and on those days I will reach for that mirror
and SMILE!

The contents of the envelope totally sums up
happy, colourful, inspirational and fun.

Why don't you pop over and say "hi"?

Thank you for my rainbow hug, Mary :)



uncustomary said...

You are so very welcome!! I love the photo you took, and that your adorned wrist is in the reflection. You're so sweet, thank you!!

Monica said...

That sounds like a very happy envelope. I am overjoyed to visit your blog and not have a sense of deja vue. Usually I see your posts on FB. great work you are doing love the ICADS and your entries on SOC5.
Hugs Monica

BadPenny said...

Have a lot of fun Jo and... You ARE BEAUTIFUL xxx

Terri Corona said...

I think we all need a mirror with that written across the top!