Saturday, 6 June 2015

Reconstructed Collage: Postcard and Mail Art Swap

The We {heart} Mail Art girls have been
swapping again and the latest theme has 
been sent and (finally) received.

Lenna suggested the theme of
'Reconstructed Collage'
following an online class that she
enjoyed taking part in.

We started calling it 'Strip Collage' and then
thought that might lead to 
some confusion, lol!

This is the postcard I made for Lenna,
featuring the images of storks from 
Florida (Lenna's home state) that I found 
in an old National Geographic magazine.

I painted imbetween the 'cracks' with
Lumiere paint, which has a lovely shimmer.

And this is the envelope, made out of a magazine page.

I enjoyed fitting together the facial features
from different magazine pages to create a face
that is (almost) believable.

I popped the envelope in a sealed see 
through plastic bag so I didn't have to put
gel medium over the face (I have learned from past
experience that glossy magazine paper often
crinkles with that kind of treatment).

This is the postcard I made for Jewels.

Again I used an image from a vintage
National Geographic magazine and painted
around the 'slices' of image with Lumiere paint..

And this is the envelope I made for her, 
again made out of a page from a magazine.

Here is the postcard that Lenna sent to me...

and she has smeared gesso imbetween the strips.
So simple yet so effective.

This is her envelope...

Great colours and I really like how the grasses stamp 
ties in with those on the postcard.
The tape on the left is fabric tape.

The postcard from Jewels to me is like a
 breath of summer sunshine, 
which was particularly
welcome because it arrived on 
a very grey and gloomy day!

I love the little dog 'helping' with the BBQ - 
if it was black it would look just like Missy!

Here is the front of her envelope...

and I thought you'd like to see the back too...

'Plastic Sunshine', **snort**.


The theme for our next swap is 
'Collective Nouns',
suggested by Jewels.

Thank you for looking!



Lenna Young Andrews said...

Gosh, Jo -You have done such a great job sharing our reconstruction "strip" collages, ha! I love this post. I see the woodstorks you featured on my postcard flying overhead when I cross over the Manatee river on the way to Bradenton. When we first lived here, they often walked into our front yard looking for food - you probably remember that! I really like both my collage & the one for Jewels (now you see him now you don't!) and the clear envelope is brilliant!!!! Love the reconstructed faces too. xoxo

Virginia said...

Wow they all look utterly awesome!

Linda Kunsman said...

thanks for sharing not only the fantastic collaged cards but also the envies which are another work of art-love them!

Özge Başağaç said...

Lovely cards :)You have inspired me to dwell more on collage. Well i am doing icad, too. Will definitely experiment more...