Saturday, 25 July 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 28

July Theme - Ephemera
Week 28 Art Challenge - Focal Point vs Layering
Week 28 Journal Prompt - Time keeps on ticking

I bought the photos on the left hand side page in a job lot from Ebay - I don't know these people (or the dog) and the life stories they would have to tell.
But these photos tell a story that surely all of us can relate to - families, pets, children, having fun, life events and relationships etc - and then in what seems to be the blink of an eye, huge chapters of our lives are in the past.
Time might fly by too fast, but I'm going to enjoy every moment I possibly can.  

That's me and Grant on the right hand side, we don't look quite that weird in real life but if I spend any more time trying to get our faces right I'll go mad, and hey, life's too short, haha!!

The background for these pages is a faux wood effect 
that I stumbled across (I wanted it to look like floorboards).

You can watch the technique on this short video.

Thank you for looking!


BadPenny said...

The tutorial is great ! Might have to use that large scale on my concrete lounge floor !

Great use of lost in time photos. It gives them a new life x

missy k said...

Great tutorial....

Yep, time does fly .... love the selection of photos that you used :)

Karen x

Jewels said...

It is always strange to look at photos of total strangers and wondering what their life stories were. You did a great job including your portrait of you and Grant >O

Carmen said...

I absolutely love that portrait of you and Grant. SERIOUSLY love it. Makes me smile and I think it's perfect. Great use of giving the photos a new lease of life too. Going to check out that video now :)

Terri Corona said...

Wow, I love that background you created! And those old photos, I just love old photos from a certain time period especially, I think we all have basically the same ones that make me so nostalgic. And yes, time goes by so fast - being determined to enjoy every moment takes constant vigilance!