Thursday, 9 July 2015

ICADs 30 - 39

I'm in a happy routine of creating
an ICAD (Index-Card-A-Day) every day.

Looking at the other ICADs shared on the 
ICAD Facebook Group is totally inspirational -
there are some VERY creative people out there!

(declare your love for a girl by sticking a huge rock on her finger!)

There are just over 20 more cards to go
before the end of ICAD 2015
and I'm quietly confident that I'm going
to see this challenge through to the end :)



cjsrq said...

Your cards are my favorites on the ICAD Flickr page. Your sense of humor is just wonderful!

Virginia said...

Oh Jo they make me giggle they really do

Linda Kunsman said...

I love how you combine the imagery with the sentiments-super fun!

BadPenny said...

Always such fun Jo x

BadPenny said...

Always such fun Jo x

a ni said...

hi! you blog appears in the number 2 of my publication because you are inspiring :) thanks i love all your job

missy k said...

Keep it up!

'We are not a cult' made me smile the most!!!

Karen x

a ni said...

i love all!!

Terri Corona said...

So loving these! I tried to pick a favorite but then kept changing my mind - i think at the moment it's "Don't look Ethel".

Giggles said...

Wonderful icads...are you on instagram...not sure I've seen them!! I am actually seeing this through...happily!!

Love these old pictures for your mixed media!

Hugs Giggles

Carmen said...

Perfection! You find the perfect words to match your images and they ALL look like they were meant to be. Love them!